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    Primary Septorhinoplasty June 2010, revision December 2011.
    BA April 2012
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  1. From what everyone tells me mine look natural clothed. I think they look pretty natural naked too. The give away when naked is not only the incision site but if they go for a hold/grab you can feel the ball (implant) slip/move beneath your fingertips. My boobies were squishy very early, so much so I was instructed to cease massage at the 3 month mark. I'd like to think they'd go unnoticed but in reality when it comes to sexy time he'd have to be an idiot not to work it out
  2. Have sent you a FR. Hope the perve is helpful
  3. Hi aquabl00 Platinum is correct about a few us 400-500 girls lol I have Mentor UHP 480's under and I'm currently wearing GG's. In need of some H's though haha. Feel free to add me. I have pre pics very deflated and ones up to three months on. I've been meaning to put some more but haven't had a chance...
  4. Jame12 I was able to start on the stationary bike before anything else. Your surgeon will advise when though. Early on there is a risk of haemorrhage.
  5. So sorry that this has happened to you, I can't imagine just how devastated you must be. Your surgeon really does sound like an arse. I can't believe he had the audacity to say that to you. I really hope you find someone who can give you your dreams boobies an a great bra for the interim. *hugs*
  6. Myer sell fine lines and have some nice strapless bras including the ones that are lower in the front for good cleavage. Pretty sure they go to an E cup.
  7. A notepad to record when and what meds you've taken. I had a mini pad and pen on my bedside table.
  8. Thanks for that newmein2012. My next appointment is 1st of Nov (6.5 months PO). If any evidence of crease remains at that point I will stress my concerns.
  9. I have, love them! Feel free to FR me if you'd like to see the results.
  10. My crease was lowered quite a lot compared to what everyone else has mentioned. At a guess mine is 3cm (possibly more)... Was apparent early on but decreased with time. It can still be seen on my left breast, but not the right. Hopefully it disappears soon too.
  11. Had my BA with Dr T in April. Fee free to FR me and take a look at my album. I love them! I didn't have any consults with Dr Lim as a gf had some nasal issues sorted with him and he did some under the table refinement on her which I personally think is unprofessional. That and I don't like her final result at all. I also noticed that he sticks with the same sort of implants consistently which made me think he wasn't varying the implants to suit individual patients. Just my opinion though... Best of luck
  12. BnT do have your size. I've seen them while shopping. I'm an 8G and have been getting my bras from Mary Holland because there is one nearby. I can get into some of the BnT 10F's which is good because they are often on sale. I'm 12 PO today. I too don't want crazy full coverage and it seems near impossible to find anything that is a. convertible (because I like to move my straps around for racerbacks etc) b. gives me that lift and squeeze ( I think I have more gap without a bra than you) c. is a single colour (I like to match my bras with my clothes. A little OCD I know lol) My biggest issue of all is that most bras in my true size come too high from where the cup ends in the armpit, to where it joins up the front to the strap. They cut in like crazy ouch I paid %129 for a pleasure state bra that does just that. What I've worked out suits me best is the balconette style, though i'd much prefer a plunge. anyway... my suggestion to you is to look (as hard as it may be) for bras with a greater distance in the front between cups. I know some are practically right beside each other and others have nice stretchy fabric in between. Good luck and looking forward to hearing everyone's suggestions.
  13. How exciting for you! Congrats on the new additions and on being able to fit in those 400s. Rest up
  14. I'm in the same boat as Mrs Foreman... I love my new boobies and they are great. I do have moments I think they don't look big enough or fake enough. But I just remind myself I maxed out my dimensions getting what I did and they are wonderful. It's strange thinking they aren't big enough when you are a FF/G cup :S
  15. Congratulations! Rest up and all the best for a speedy recovery.
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