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    BL/BA with 450cc Implants & Tummy Tuck with Liposuction
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    Dr Boonchai - 23rd & 25th January 2015
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    Height 172cm - Weight 72kg (still loosing, down from 85kg) - 12E

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  1. Hey Don, just read the news... can't sleep so thought I'd jump on to see what I've missed over these last 6 months! Congrat's beautiful lady!!!
  2. So good to hear you're happy with the results Spottydog. A really good point to be aware of Don, I'm sure many (like me) wouldn't have know that.
  3. Try Panache from Zodee... loved them!
  4. Sounds like an internal stitch may be popping through (very common), like Gabby I had them too. Dr Boonchai was amazing wanting photos to make sure everything was ok, his follow up was amazing. My local GP also had a look and confirmed Dr B's diagnosis. Always good to anything you're worried about checked out by your GP.
  5. Sooooo excited for you hon... enjoy the new you. You'll love Dr B he is so nice and does amazing work. All the best xx
  6. Want my 450cc's to stay perky... have gone bra less twice (in 8 months) but would much rather wear a bra if the dress allows. I also wear my soft post op Anna bras to bed. I've paid good money for these puppies so I might as well do all I can to keep them looking good.
  7. Gave all my smaller bras to friends... well the ones in good condition anyway
  8. Hi littlepinkstars... look up my daughter 'fitbunny' she also has her BA booked in for the 13th October with Dr Boonchai, although currently trying to change it to the 14th. All the best and enjoy the journey
  9. I had a spray tan at 4 months ad have to say that I absolutely loved that my BA/BL scars blended in sooooooooo well... the only reason I didn't use protection was because the operator was 8 months post op after her own BA and new her stuff. Bottom line... no adverse effect what so ever! OMG sorry guy's... spelling and grammer, back to school for me!
  10. MMO..DD!... OMG I completely forgot about the wipes a HUGE MUST HAVE for the face and everything else after a TT
  11. In all honesty I would say it was about 3-4 months before I felt as if they were just a part of me... where I didn't think about them at all. You will feel 'normal' again, meanwhile enjoy them and just give your body time to accept/adjust to something 'different'
  12. Hey babe thought that fitbunny may be a name you'd use ?. All the best on your exciting journey and hope that the Sept/Oct PIAC ladies see your message xx
  13. OMG... this sounds like fun . Can't wait to hear stories to rival Don's lol!
  14. You really won't have to worry... Dr B is so on to it with follow up's, if you have any concerns at all all he will ask for photos on a weekly basis and always gives you advice on what to do. If he thinks you might need to follow up with a Dr here in Oz he will tell you.
  15. I had a BA & BL on the 23rd Jan and a TT on the 25th... all good
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