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    BA, 315cc Silimed Polyurethane Anatomical
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    Mansoor Mirkazemi 25/02/15
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    153cms / 46kgs / Pre op: 10 B or C cup depending on bra, Post op: 10DD-E!

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  1. I do on and off. I'm worried that in the night I'm doing damage as I always roll over on my tummy and sleep on them / squish them. I often wake up a little bit sire (not like morning boob was though). I'm nearly 7 weeks post op
  2. I have silimed furries, anatomical HP. Dual plane. Was advised not to massage.
  3. Mine said 4 weeks post op, then no underwire for 3 months
  4. Just put an updated pic up and changed my profile. Now I have my own boobies to show off haha
  5. Haha thanks but that's not me Lol, feel free to FR you can see my pics
  6. Awesome teppy! Bra shopping is gonna send me broke
  7. I have 315cc furry Brazilian teardrop implants. 5 weeks post op. Still can't wear under wire bras until the 3 month mark, but bought two wire free contour bras from bras n things
  8. Holy guacamole ladies, I got measured for bra size today... I'm a 10DD-E!!!
  9. Hi teeny I'm 153cms and 46kgs, I went 315cc and I'm happy with the size so far. I went Brazilians so there's lots of change still to come. Happy to accept FR. Good luck!
  10. I do want kids, in the next couple of years even. I just couldn't stand it any longer! Im also fine with the prospect of revision if I have to after breastfeeding, hopefully that won't be the case. I think it would be great to hear from girls on here who have had implants then breastfed.
  11. Hi Erin, I'm 4 weeks post op, Dr Mirkazemi was my surgeon. I got 'furry Brazilian' anatomical implants, 314 cc and I'm very happy so far. There are a number of good plastic surgeons here in Melbourne, I would recommend friending some melbourne girls on here to see pics (feel free to FR me too) and also going to a few consults before deciding who to go with.
  12. Teppy


    I've been wondering the same thing! I'm only 4 weeks post op, but have occasionally been lying on my tummy in bed. It does feel a bit strange but not too bad. I figure it would be worse for a whole hour massage with pressure on your back. Will try the rolled towel
  13. Depends on your implants and recovery. I'm 4 weeks post op, furry Brazilians, I can only just squish them together (but not fully) though not up and down yet. Brazzies take much longer to soften up. 1 week is way too early. What has your PS suggested?
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