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  1. super normal to feel dizzy taking the post op bra off. I feinted ? im 2 weeks post and pretty happy with my boobies so far. They have dropped in the last week which im stoked about as i was worried one wouldn't like last time
  2. You still have to drop and fluff too hun and that can increase your size dramatically. Although i do share your upset. I got 560s and my body literally ate the ccs and i feel like they are so small .
  3. Yes its to push the sternum back down as if the fluid is pushing the sternum up too much for too long there is a risk for symmastia. The roll keeps pressure on the sternum and if you get someone to slowly push on it you will feel the fluid moving away and eventually go
  4. @MissJulie so far yes but they still dont look great as they both need to drop abd fluff again. My left looks better but my right is still a funny shape and riding high
  5. You have so much swelling and fluid hun! Try call or email your surgeon when you can but in the meantime roll up some socks and stick it in your cleavage and press down (get someone else to do it slowly) a few times a day. I am wearing a roll for fluid at 10 days post still and still doing it and it has helped immensely Keep it there 24/7 until you can see your surgeon x x
  6. This is so exciting reading about the upcoming surgeries! Good luck girls and try rest heaps beforehand too x x the nerves are so normal! Im 10 days post op today and doing a lot better.my left is great but my right is still sore as i had so much repair work needed on it. But alot better. Tmi but finally today after 11 days, 6 mini enemas, laxative tablets, lactulose oil and heaps of benefiber i finally managed to go to the toilet. I was in so much pain and looked 8 months pregnant! So awful.
  7. Oh my lord ladies . My dr wanted to take me off endone as it was constipating me and he put me on tramadol and i had the worst night. I was up all night so itchy. I couldnt stop scratching my entire body . Ive woken this morning to discover how badly i have scratched. I have open bleeding sores on my face belly and back. And i feel ill this morning. that was awful and i will never be taking that again
  8. Ccs look different on everyone. I was a B cup pre op and got 560cc hp and only reached a D/DD cup which is smaller then what i wanted.
  9. Hi ladies, i had revision 5 days ago and there was alot of work needed on my right breast as i had a severe implant rupture. Any way since day 1 my right breast has been so swollen and high which i know is normal but i have so much fluid in my breast which i didnt have last time. If i touch the side or top of my breast i feel the fluid moving around my entire breast. It feels very heavy and full if that makes sense. How do i know what is normal fluid and what is not?? Im seeing my gp tomorrow morning and will decide then if i need to call my surgeon or not. Im on an angle and hun
  10. Still feeling awful. My boobies look awful at the moment too.so high and mishapen again like last time. Cant wait for them to drop and look normal . They are allergen natrelle inspira implants. Cohesive gel
  11. Hi ladies! Good luck to the girls going in tomorrow. All will be worth it. X x Thought you ladies might like a look at my ruptured implant that they pulled out. it was in 2 seaparate pieces!
  12. Bigger boobs, about 800cc hp i think. lipo on my thighs Tummy tuck to get rid of the mum tum BBL veneers
  13. Im sleeping loads. Im post op day 2 and am napping for 2 hours every 3 or 4 hours. Its insane. But im stll feeling very feint and laying down and sleeping is the only thing helping
  14. Hi ladies. Have just taken 2 panadeine and 2 endone so aplogis if this makes no sense. Ive feinted 4 times today and spewed constantly. The pain after my revision is much worse . My right implant was not only ruptured but they pulled it out in 2 pieces. A lot of repair work needed to temove all silicone and they stitched my side pocket up. My left was pulled down and the upper pole stitched. Im so very swollen
  15. Hi ladies. Im in a lot of pain but my insta is tiger_ba_2015 if you are interested in what happened. Just send me a Dm on who you are x x my surgery needed a lot more work then thought
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