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    Byron Bay, NSW
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    Breast Augmentation
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    Dr Van Nguyen Booked in 12/03/15
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    185cm Tall, 60kg, Bra Size 10 A
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    Professional Network Marketer
  1. Thanks Larissa! I'm flying down and having my appointment the day before surgery! Hoping everything is as straight forward as it sounds! I'm so excited and nervous, I've never had any surgery ever other than having 3 kids. For all those who have had their consultation at TCI, what things did they go through?
  2. Hi Everyone I'm new to this forum, but id love to be part of this chat if thats ok?/ Im having my surgery on the 12th of March with Dr Van Nguyen at Bondi TCI
  3. Lolos can i please see your photos, i am trying to decide if i want moderate profile?? I want a natural look, i am about an A cup at the moment but would like to be a D, would you recommend the moderates?
  4. Im so glad you had a good experience! I'm so excited Thanks for all your advice xx
  5. Wow thank you so much for this info! Makes me feel a lot more confident about my decision. I have my consult on the wed then BA on Thursday i plan to return home on the saturday. I am about the same height and weight as you, i have no idea what BWD?? But am around an A-B in bra at the moment, i have had 3 children. But no sagging skin. Where did you stay DanniP ?
  6. HI, im so excited and quite nervous, i have just booked in my BA for March 2015 with Dr Nguyen I am wondering if anyone has travelled to TCI Bondi for their BA?? If so how long did you stay and how was the flights home after having surgery? Also not had a consultation yet, having it the day before BA!! I would love as much advice as you can give on size and profile. Im currently an A cup and want a natural looking result, perhaps a C or D??? Thanks in advance Amy
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