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  1. Yeah I found days 2-4 to be the most painful. With endone though I could just feel the cuts.. they weren't too painful.. only really bad in the mornings before I took more endone.
  2. Are you taking endone or any other painkillers? When was your surgery?
  3. Hey just wondering if any girls have ever damaged their implants after falling over/off a bike/minor car crash etc? I never thought about this before my surgery & am like oh no what will happen if I fall over haha.. I can be clumsy.
  4. I couldn't yawn for days & felt horrible! You'll feel good once the swelling & pain goes away... I am 2 1/2 weeks post op & feels more normal every day
  5. Turn 26 tomorrow - no kids!
  6. Do you think you could have thrush from the antibiotics? & itchy from the thrush & endone?
  7. That sucks sorry to hear! Is revision surgery a lot less painful/unfomf than the first BA? Because the skin has already stretched dropped and fluffed?
  8. Wow its good to hear you felt the nerves regenerating - hope you get more feeling back though! I've read it can take up to 12 months.
  9. I think I was just being paranoid & getting really bad morning boob... swelling and bruises have gone down a little
  10. I went with Dr Kumar and he was FANTASTIC!
  11. Hey girls, I've read about the risks of loosing nipple sensitivity & such & that it's somewhat rare that the feeling never comes back but I was just wondering about your experiences? I had my BA on Wednesday & I have no feeling whatsoever in my left nipple but full feeling in my right nipple and it feels freakin horrible! Have any of you had loss of feeling & how long did it take for feeling to come back/improve - if at all? P.S Also would love to exchange any progress pics with girls who have recently had their BA's - FR me
  12. The first 2 days I couldn't yawn it was so annoying!
  13. It's so bad! Is it just super tight stiff and sore whenever you wake up? One of mine is more sore than the other.
  14. Hey can you go into more detail about the sensations and symptoms you felt? I had my BA on Wednesday and it just feels like it's getting more sore every day. When I wake up it feels so tight!
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