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  1. I'm about 155cm tall and 52kg (was probably around 50kg at time of surgery). My surgeon recommended HP 285cc round under the muscle. I was hesitant to go so small because I literally had nothing to start with! I got fitted the other day for a bra and thought I'd be a large B maybe small C. Almost fell over when the bra lady said I was measuring a 10D! I don't think I would have liked to have gone too much bigger!
  2. I was an A cup and got 285cc (I think) round under muscle.. I got fitted for a bra the other day and I'm now a 10D.. Hope this helps
  3. From a postural point of view it's not a good idea to completely skip training a muscle group. Your opposing muscles (back) can become more developed and pull your spine and shoulder blades out of alignment. My sports coach (who coaches figure competitors) wants me to be training chest, starting off on machines with light weight (no free weights). But always best to check with your surgeon if you're not sure.
  4. I used Dr Dalip (sorry, didn't even meet your guy) through DB Bangkok and I'm very happy. Destination Beauty as a whole were also fantastic. Richard who sometimes does the transfers but also floats around at the apartments (where the DB office is) is a really cool guy.. So laid back and funny!
  5. I'm only not even 3 weeks post op. I started with absolutely nothing (barely even a 10A). When I had my BA my surgeon gave me a choice of 2 size implants... 285cc or 305cc (both high profile and going under muscle). After discussing the sizes with him he informed me that the 305cc was going to come with higher risk of capsular contracture and bottoming out because the diameter was a bit too large for my measurements (I'm about 5ft tall and weight about 50kg). We agreed to go with the 285cc. Because they are still so new I haven't been measured yet, but tried on some moulded sports bras the other day. The B cup was too tight, the C cup was slightly too big. I guess once they settle I can get measured and I'll know for sure.. They're still changing so much each week.. Even other people who know I've had the surgery (it's pretty obvious considering I started with nothing!) say to me sometimes "wow! Your boobs are looking really big today!".. Lol
  6. Yay ladies!! We're all done!! I'm now 8 days post op and feeling heaps better! My surgeon is really cruisy, telling me I can sleep on my sides (just no tummy) and have bra free time at night time when I sleep! I got home from Bangkok last night and had my first shower since before the surgery.. And goodness me.. It was amazing!!!! I took the dressing off my incisions last night under the instruction of my surgeon. I went through destination beauty and the whole experience was amazing... My consultants Toey and Miss Joy, Surgeon Dr Dalip, drivers Richard and Mikey, all the nursing staff at Piyavate Hospital and all the staff at Somerset Park Suanplu apartments were so friendly and couldn't do enough for me!
  7. I'm only 3 days post op and feel the same! But I came from nothing so to have "something" is a bonus! I'm trying to keep an open mind and give them time. I guess I just didn't want to have a revision later down the track so wanted them done right the first time! Time will tell! Hang in there Hun... I bet they look amazing (haven't looked at pics coz I'm on my phone)
  8. Hi girls, thanks for your feedback. Feeling much better tonight. Drains have been taken out, I've been unbandaged and I'm now in my support bra. Pain has subsided a fair bit and at least now can get myself into a sitting position without it being horrific! Got to see and feel my boobies today! They aren't as big as I would have liked, but surgeon didn't want to go any larger due to my frame being so small... But I'm still happy!! I have boobies!!!
  9. I told my 3 kids I was off to Thailand to get some boobies! They are really switched on kids and were totally fine with it (they are 9, 7 and 6 yrs old). My 9 yr old son was a bit worried about the operation itself so I explained what they do, where they make the cuts, etc, and then he was ok. I had mine done yesterday and just skyped with my kids back home. My 7 yr old daughter wanted to see. I've been unbandaged and now just have a support bra on, so I showed her with bra on.. And she was like "whoa! Mummy has big boobs!".. I don't think they're that big, but I guess to her they are! I think kids are more resilient than we think
  10. I had my surgery yesterday afternoon and stayed in hospital last night, and will be again tonight. Can I just ask the girls who went under the muscle... Was the pain really bad? I normally have a high pain threshold but this is bad! I do a lot of weight training and am terrible at stretching so I know my pecs were probably tight and that could be a contributing factor. I was also an A cup prior to surgery so I know there's a lot of stretching that needs to take place.
  11. Thanks girls! Feels so surreal.. Not even nervous yet because it feels like a dream
  12. I'm sitting at work.. it's my last day for the year! After today I have 2 days at home with my beautiful munchkins, then Monday morning I fly to Bangkok, Tuesday I have my surgery! I am so excited! How's everyone going with their recovery? And the girls still waiting, how much is the wait killing you?!! LoL!
  13. Yeah, I fly out at midnight on 30th. What hospital will you be at? I will have a check up at TRIA Destination Beauty (I assume, as that's where my surgery is) while you'll be in hospital. If you're there I'll pop in and say hello if you're feeling up to it
  14. Some surgeons will make you take out all piercings, regardless of what they are. I just had to get 2 skin divers cut out of my face because the surgeon insisted on removing them
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