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  1. Hi ladies, I'm almost 4 months post op & loving my results, I wanted to know if your boobs continue to change upto a year? If so, do any of you ladies have any photos of before and after a year? Feel free to post to my private message would be so appreciated! thank you so much! X
  2. I had a professional clean at the dentist and customised teeth moulds with a take home whitening kit. It was $300 all up. Here is a link for the teeth whitening brand I used https://www.opalescence.com/au - I got really great results from this kit and it whitened my teeth so much! It is dentist grade so you can only purchase it at dentists, although I have also seen these kits sold on Amazon but you need to read the reviews in order to know if it is the legit brand and not a fake. I used the 35% (strongest) I highly recommend getting proper customised teeth moulds at the dentist as this makes the teeth whitening gel work 100 times better, Good luck!
  3. Thanks babe, I will add you now if you don't mind
  4. haha oh gosh! I'll make sure that does not happen to me
  5. Thank you for your advice babe. I can understand your point, I just feel so anxious at the thought of telling him and him not approving and feeling disappointed by my decision. I will either stay at my boyfriends or grandmas. If I was not living at home I wouldn't even consider telling him as I feel its something he does not need to know. Its a constant battle in my head leading up to the day.
  6. Hey Ladies, I am currently living at home with my parents and I will be having my BA at the end of this month. I have told my mum and she is very supportive but I don't know if I should tell my dad? I really do not want to but feel this sense of guilt considering I am living with him at the moment. If I don't tell him, I am thinking of recovering at a relatives house, so will avoid being at home for post op recovery time. Any advice on this and who you told and why?? would be so appreciated! xx
  7. Good luck babe! Let us know how it all goes xx
  8. Was this meant for me @Ash.U?? My op is not until the 28th April!
  9. Hi Jade Do you mind if I gallery FR you? Also what stats were you pre op? Are you happy with your size? Hi Cathy I just Gallery FR you, hope you don't mind Hi @Sam Sugar I hope you don't mind me FR you My surgeon is also taking in 395cc on the day, so its really between 445cc & 395cc. Still can't decide!
  10. I have you as a GF and just checked out your pics..Wow they look amazing!! and your right when you say they don't look out of proportion big. Your pre op is similar to mine although I have more breast tissue.
  11. I feel you girl! It's been occupying my mind heaps. I keep thinking about all the boob greed I read about.. I don't want to regret not going bigger but I don't want to be out of proportion either! Do you think 50cc will make that much of a difference?
  12. I'm with Dr Moradi I know I feel like all I think about is boobs! haha, what cc are you going? profile?
  13. I think it really comes down to which surgeon you choose and If you choose a Plastic surgeon over a cosmetic surgeon. I would personally opt for a PS for piece of mind!
  14. @Emi My date is 28th April! When is yours? What sizes are you tossing up between and why if you don't mind me asking? We are on the same day! @Pamela2 Who is your surgeon if you don't mind me asking?
  15. I just sent you a FR @Nae I see you got mod profile too. Do you think you loose about 50cc going under the muscle? Yeah I have more wide set breasts so maybe its best I stick to 445cc, its hard to decide though!
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