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  1. No one? Really? :-( guess I'll have to visit the doc
  2. Hello ladies, I'm 9 months post BA and I'm having some intermittent pain underneath my right breast, it's quite mild, almost like a stretching stinging sensation but at times worse, it sounds strange but its hard to pinpoint where it's coming form exactly its kinda in the crease area/underside of breast but sometimes extends further down into my upper ribs, it's much worse when I'm not wearing a bra, I definitely have no tightening or hardening of the implant. Does anyone else have anything similar? Thanks x
  3. So sorry to hear about your sisters terrible loss, what a terrible time for you all xx
  4. Hi guys I did the rapid recovery exercises as advised by my surgeon, it basically involved starting two hours after surgery shrugging (circling) your shoulders backwards, and also doing big circles with your arms reaching above your head forwards and backwards 5 times each exercise once every 20-30 mins, it's supposed to prevent your chest muscles from spasming, and I do think it works, I didnt use any pain relief only a couple of pananol, however I have some issues with my implants and considering so many people are advised not to lift their arms above their heads for quite some time, I do have to wonder if these exercises could have partially caused my problems. Good luck with your surgeries! :-)
  5. I've pm'd you Molros :-) ...... Surgeon agrees that we have a problem with the right implant, wants to give it till 6 months and then consider revision :-( sigh......ah well what will be will be, just more waiting for now :-) Thanks again to all of you for your kind words and support xx
  6. bcylou


    Have been reading your story Serenity, so sorry for everything you've been through :-( hope your scar revision went well xx
  7. Bit of an update guys..... I emailed pics to my surgeon this morning and he has asked that I come in and see him on Monday, will let you all know what he has to say, Thank you all so much for your advice and support :-) xx
  8. My surgeons explanation of twilight ( which I'm not sure if I believe or not ) is that twilight anaesthesia uses drugs nearly identical to those used in general anaesthesia only twilight doesn't involve airway protection (tube down throat) and therefor can be administered by un qualified practitioners, he believes its dangerous and as its "considered safer" patients aren't monitored as closely, which increases the risks of compilations. I personally don't know the facts about twilight, I asked about it as I'm terrified of GA's and this was the response I got, he was very adamant that its basically a scam and a shortcut ?? ... however had he agreed to it I would have opted for twilight :-)
  9. Thanks Freida, sorry to hear your not quite happy with yours either :-( hope they soften up and move in a bit closer together for you, can you wear normal bras that give you a bit of push up towards the middle yet? I know its not the same anyway because if your like me it was the better look naked that you were hoping for, I could make my existing boobs look fine in bras, and I didnt have to pay $15000 for them! xx
  10. bcylou

    Brick Tits

    hahaha thanks for the laugh :-) they will start to soften soon, I wish mine had stayed more firm than they are too!
  11. Good luck Jen Jen, hope it all goes fantastically for you!! :-) xx
  12. Thanks Lozz, from his measurements that he took before surgery my creases were the same height, my right boob was just a bit saggier, considering this I always thought my right boob would sit slightly lower than left not higher.
  13. Thanks so much everyone, I really appreciate and value your opinions :-) Molros I've never worn a strap was told it wasnt necessary, I think it probably would have helped but maybe to late now. As far as the textured implants not moving, some surgeons say they dont and should be placed exactly were they are to stay and others say they do, I've done so much reading on this topic and it seems to come down to a matter of opinion the allergens like I have however are considered to be highly textured more so than others so much less likelyhood of them moving I'm actually beginning to wonder if it is my left that is more of a problem and dropped too soon aaaaaaaaargh!!! I just don't know:( I will book an appointment (probably cant get in to see him for weeks anyway) and see if he can tell me anything worthwhile. Thanks again guys xx oh and also to those of you who have checked out my pics, I didnt think I had much assymetry before surgery a little bit, but didn't think it was enough for them to be so different now I wouldnt have thought? am I being dillusional lol
  14. wow Mangos I cant believe you had Dr Briggs I didn't even know you were in Perth! and you were my booby model :-) ..... I know I've been having a big whinge about my boobs and indirectly my experiences with Dr Briggs, I havent gone in to details about the few negative experiences I've had with him (I'm pretty sure there would be spies lurking on here) and havent really wanted to mention his name, but yes my surgeon was Dr Briggs, and no I'm not happy with my results yet, however I did choose Dr Briggs for a very good reason, his qualifications and years of experience are impressive, and I read and heard first hand many positive reviews, and can now add Mangos to the list which actually gives me hope that there is still time for me. Its still much to early for me to be commenting on my overall satisfaction with my surgeon, I really hope that in 6 months time I'm as happy as Mangos is :-) Good luck with your decisions Jema and Kat
  15. Hi everyone, I dont get on here much these days, have been on holidays and just trying to get my life back to normal after my BA but I took 6 weeks progress pics last night and posted them, I've spent the past few weeks trying to ignore my boobs, I'm pretty unhappy with them, So disappointed that this huge thing in my life that took me 10 years to decide on and find though the courage to do has turned out like this. I hate sounding like a self centred drama queen, thats certainly what I feel like at times, thats why I'm just trying to get over it and accept what I've got, after all they probably are better than I started with and I always new that they would never be as good as others because of my awful stretch marks, but why did I have to get the asymmetry too!! I just don't know what to think, I'm not meant to go back to my surgeon for 3 months, maybe this is normal and it will resolve itself ..... I guess I'm looking for honest opinions on where I should go from here? should I go back to my surgeon and seek some action? should I seek an opinion from another surgeon? or should I just wait the three months and see what happens? Just a run down on some of the issues I'm currently having, please check out my pics Right boob is sitting high and very tight behind the muscle, saggy boob hangs down when I bend over and I can pinch alot of excess skin under the nipple ( well everywhere really) I guess this is probably normal with unders but I dont like it, I feel like I have a rock hard implant under the tight muscle and my old saggy boob on top. My left boob is completely different to my right in appearance and feel, it almost feels like id imagine an over to feel moves lots, I can feel the implant edges pretty much everywhere, and seems to be dropping lower and lower and my nipple rising higher, when i lay down it looks very strange the pointy part of the implant is really obvious and pokes out about an inch below my nipple. I'm finding it hard to know what to do about my right muscle, my surgeon says just normal activities and normal bras I can wear underwires now if I want to but have no inclination to get these things out and get sized or buy pretty bras. I also feel like I need to be wearing two different bras my left boob needs heaps of support and lifting and my right needs pushing down! I have a pretty active life, I'm not a complete exercise freak but I bike ride most days, and run on the treadmill 3 or 4 days a week, I dont do chest weights but my two year old weighs 10 kilos and I do carry her (previously on my right hand side, but now on my left as I'm trying to keep that muscle relaxed) I dont know if I should try to not lift things or work that right side to much, or just do the things I would normally do, its so frustrating Sorry for this long negative post :-(
  16. how far post op are you changeme?, it can be very normal in the early weeks, I'm now 6 weeks post op and don't think its quite so normal, but am assured they will continue to change for 6-12 months feel free to send me a friend request if you want to look at my pics, but they might make you more worried :-)
  17. Tell me about it!! I've been eating like crap, craving junk food so much :-(very keen to get healthy again
  18. Hi amz, I'm having some trouble with my right boob sitting much too high, check out my pics and you'll see what I mean, I know I need to give it more time probably lots more time :-), it just seems that it has so far to go before its anything like my left boob :-( I know why you mean about expecting perfection for sooo much money, but I think we should have pretty high expectations it's a huge decision and for most of us a huge amount of money! I didn't expect perfection at all I had issues :-) but I didn't have these issues so I did expect more than this, sorry to hear your not quite happy either, its such a rollercoaster ride isn't it :-) x
  19. So sorry your going through this Beka :-( hopefully your PS is right and you can sort it out! sending lots of positive vibes your way xx
  20. Hi ladies, I took some more progress pics today, and have put them on my profile, I was hoping to see some improvement, but not much happening :-( I have another appointment with my surgeon on Thursday, still early days I guess I just feel like I'm the only one that looks like this, everyone else's seem so perfect even straight after surgery :-(
  21. Hi ladies, hope your all doing well :-) I've been staying off the forum a bit lately trying to take my mind of my boobs and get on with life, I'm feeling pretty down about my results, I hate sounding so negative as its not usually my nature, but at the moment I dislike my boobs nearly as much post op as I did pre op, I know its still early days, but it seems unlikely that my right boob is going to ever drop settle whatever else to the point that its going to match my left, I took progress pics today and have posted them on my profile. I see my surgeon again on Thursday so hoping he can give me some reassurance or something! ...... best of luck to all the girls still in waiting :-) amz I'm concerned about CC too :-( but if I wasn't insisting on having another appointment I wouldn't be seeing my surgeon again until 6 weeks post op :-) so I think its fairly normal, especially for textured implants that some of us supposedly don't need to massage
  22. I've been told 2 weeks by my surgeon, can't come soon enough :-) I have actually tried side sleeping a few times but it is just to uncomfortable at the moment.
  23. Sorry guys that was probably my fault, I must have buggered up the roll call :-) I thought I was getting sick to chopper, but turned out fine, totally agree with everything freidabc said! fingers crossed you'll be fine xx
  24. Excellent Pammy, rest up :-)
  25. Thanks so much Marymartini, I have accepted your friend request :-) Your crop bra looks very effective! what a great idea :-) my implants are the same size, but yes my right side is my dominant side.
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