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  1. Donatella they look so freaking AMAZING ? that dress sounds beautiful! (Even though I'm 'quite' on here - haven't been able to have BL/BR, so feel I can't really offer any advice to anyone- but have been waiting to hear about your 800s) So sorry to hear that your Nan has passed.
  2. I saw some pictures of what happens to skin from waxing when on roaccutanne so safe to say it's put me off wanting to wax whilst using it. I'm sorry to hear that you were hard hit by the side effects. I've noticed my lips have started to get dry (my lippie looked ugh this morning) so it must be starting to do something. Thank you to everyone who replied to my question
  3. Thanks @Cupcake85 I'll have a look at the when I'm in town tomorrow. I only stopped shaving because most razors seem to have a strip in them that has aloe vera which I'm allergic to & all it does is aggravate the skin. Hopefully I'll be able to find one that doesn't have it on them.
  4. I'm in a country town & there is only 2 people who do threading here but I don't really trust them. I've seen some terrible before/after pictures (to me they are, they've changed the whole shape of the brow- gone from the beautiful natural arch to basically a straight line of hair). I love how my brows are- they've got a good shape to them. I've been seeing the same waxer since I stared waxing back when I was 12 so it will be weirded not to see her for a long time. If I kept my legs really well moisturised would I still be able to get them waxed? Or should I just forget all about
  5. Bummer. Don't really want to have skin peeling off (not looking forwards having the skin dry out, I've never ever had dry skin- not the on face or anywhere else) . I've had acne since I was 10 so I'm pretty used to having it & really only went onto the roaccutanne at the doctors insistence. Absolutely hate shaving but looks like I'll need to go & buy a razor - can you suggest a good one to buy/try?
  6. So I've just started taking roaccutanne (day 6 today) for my awful acne which I've had for forever. I read in the in pamphlet that waxing isn't advisable ? Has anyone taken roaccutanne & still waxed? I don't think I can go 6 months without waxing- it's my main form my hair removal(legs, eyebrows, etc), I'm a bit of a hairy person (have a bit of European background) so can't go that long & I absolutely hate shaving. Kind of would rather have the damn acne than give up waxing ?.
  7. So exciting for you!!! ? can't wait till I'm allowed to have mine done.
  8. @SubtleC had a look at your pics & they're looking absolutely amazing!!!! Cant na wait for the day I can have mine - my dr is Dr M as well.
  9. I would love to have my boob lift & reduction (I have extremely asymmetrical boobs, ones a small Bcup & saggy & the other ones is a huge Ecup which is also saggy ?. Then implants to bring them back up to bigger size-unsure of size. Would also love to have lip injections- don't trust anyone where I live, in country NSW) & BBL ?
  10. I know in the blog section there is a video by Dr Miroshnik & he explains about he he does the 'custom cleavage' look!!! And there a few other videos by Dr Miroshnik as well I haven't had my BL/BR yet (hopefully soon) but I would love to have either of the looks- more so the blue dress one.
  11. I knew you would be bale to explain it way better than me Mai
  12. Hi boobsplease! I haven't had my BL/BR (with Dr M as well) so I can't answer your questions (sorry) but hopefully MaisieF sees this as she had her BA done with Dr M & she had tuberous breasts, so I think she'll be able to answer your questions. I think if you email his office they might be able to tell you the answer or Dr M might even email you if the admin girls can't answer you. Hope this his somewhat helps!
  13. so happy to hear you were able to get your money back! Even better you got your surgery a week earlier. Hope you are feeling good!
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