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  1. I know some others have had more cruisey recoveries than me, but I didn't venture outside for 3 days, and I certainly didn't want to go anywhere near a car for a week - the bounce was unbearable! Best to holiday before the BA and then spend at least 1 whole week resting post BA.
  2. Sometimes perception is everything. I think that everyone must think that my boobs look fake because they aren't like my natural boobs at all (pre children) and they are rather perky for my age. But I have been told that they look very natural....so even though you feel yours look rather fake, they might look perfectly natural to an average person, but it's hard to tell without a pic. Some people with Brazilians have complained that they are firmer and less moveable, so that might add to a fake look.... On most people there is no way that you'd notice 30cc difference but seeing as you're
  3. Really sorry to hear this. Just devastating news when it's so close! Re flights, you can arrange a date change. You'll be up for a change fee + any difference in the fare. You shouldn't have to forfeit your fares if you're all still travelling (BUT if your family is no longer travelling with you I don't imagine you'll get a refund for those unless you purchased fully flexible fares). Hope your accommodation shows you some compassion! Very likely that they could re-let during school holidays (that's usually the proviso for getting your money refunded - although you will def lose your
  4. Hi @TeaLady, have you asked what your surgeon recommends? I only ask because I was specifically advised to avoid any kind of bras for as long as possible. When I went back to work, I was using a crop top rather than any kind of supportive post op bra. It's good to find out what your surgeon recommends for your specific anatomy and operation.
  5. My vectra images were actually reasonably accurate. Hard to really tell how they will feel on you without having the sizers on underneath your normal clothes. I felt like having the sizers on under some of my normal clothes was a much better guide as to whether I was going to be big enough.
  6. Great stuff! I was about to write a post that mine just ended up coming out of their own accord and I didn't end up with any infection from it. I had about 3, and if you've had one, there might be more to come. No big deal though as long as it's not infected (have to get onto AB straight away if they get infected). Feels weird and sometimes a small sharp pain before the break through the surface of the skin hey ?
  7. Hi @Laney79, I know that my family would be weirded out and potentially pretty judgemental if I told them. So I haven't told them and they haven't noticed nor asked. I went a pretty conservative size because I didn't want it to be obvious that I've had it done, so that probably helped. So I've only told 2 of my closest friends and they were supportive and ver interested (and surprised that I wanted it done in the first place). So only do what your comfortable with. It's your body and your boobs - so only you decide who you let in on your news.
  8. The surgery does mess you up for a while and it's best to ease into it. But there is a period where you have to keep your heart rate to a reasonable level, but it doesn't sound like you were very intensively exercising, it will just take a while to get your fitness back. Long walks are great though - makes the new girls bounce less ?
  9. There are quite a few posts about Dr Ali on this forum - make sure you have a look. Plenty of happy customers, but there are a few with issues also. No surgeon has a 100% success rate but it's good to hear all reviews and particularly important to find out how the surgeon dealt with the issues.
  10. Hey @voluptuous_aj I'm in the same boat as you. I thought it was because they used slightly firmer gel because I got anatomical shaped implants, but perhaps it's all to do with individual anatomy... Mine are a little squishy and I'm sure that at 10mths they are slightly softer than they were 2 months ago, but I do wonder if people think that I'm wearing a rather reinforced/armoured bra when I give them a hug! Here's hoping that they get a little softer as time goes on.
  11. I'm a Terrence Scamp girl and I have no complaints. I got anatomical implants, but I know that he uses both. Other girls on here have had wonderful results with other Brissie & GC surgeons and hopefully they will see this post and give you some recommendations.
  12. Yep, most insurance companies will advise you that you're covered as long as you follow your surgeons recommendations i.e. If your surgeon states that you can drive on day 4, then you're covered as long as you don't drive before that timeframe. Not that many people get this advice in writing, but just make sure that you follow your surgeon's advice.
  13. Just checking whether you had any more consults with other plastic surgeons (besides the 2 in your first post). If you're getting mixed opinions it's best to get another consult so that you can feel comfortable with your decision.
  14. Hey Sjay, I don't have an answer for you but I wanted to wish you the best with your revision. I was so sad to hear that they didn't work out as you hoped. Keep us posted xo
  15. Nah, the first 2-3 days are the worst and as long as you think ahead like the other ladies on here mentioned, you'll be fine. Just make sure that everything you need is accessible and that you have everything you need (you won't be going to the shops for a few days). Your arm strength will be terrible and you won't be able to reach the top shelf of anything. Even washing your hair is interesting for the first few weeks, but you'll manage. Just make sure that you're very organised and put your man to work while he's there. Good luck!
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