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    Brisbane, QLD
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    Breast Augmentation - post breast feeding | Rhinoplasty - nostril, septum, inner, bridge | Cheek Augmentation

    Hi everyone,

    A little about me.....

    I had my first child at 28 years old. I had always wanted breast implants as I was a VERY small 10B. After breast feeding (actually only 6 weeks after finishing) I had my breast augmented. 350cc | high profile | Sub muscular | Brazilian

    2nd Surgery - I had rhinoplasty (my nose was a mess - septum was deviated, inside of my nose needed 'cleaning out', tip refinement, bridge refinement AND my nostrils were narrowed. With this I had cheek augmentation.
  • Name of Surgeon and Date of Surgery
    BA - Dr Anoop Rastogi August 2010 | Rhino and Cheeks - Dr Warwick Nettle
  • Measurements
    174cm | 10DD | 57kg

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  1. Hi Miz lisa, someone sent me a private message regarding removal. Apparently the brazilians are as easy to remove as any other implant after the 6 month mark. Why? I'm not sure but probably something to discuss with a more experienced surgeon. But yes, this came into my head as well ONCE i had them.... didn't think about replacement at all. Apparently nothing to be concerned about but I am still going to get a few different surgeons. x
  2. Omg Facebook who?! This forum is so much better and far less judgemental! Anyway, yes I agree with you. I am definitely not going to do anything with them until after I finish having babies. Dr Rastogi said I shouldn't have any issues with breastfeeding nor have much change in my breasts from pregnancy and feeding however if I was concerned obviously not to breastfeed but I am not concerned. Feeding my babies far more important and I only put on 7 kgs in my pregnancy no stretch marks etc so fingers crossed everything snaps back after my next two. Eek. All my girlfriends who have seen my boobs love them. I have definitely had a bit of jealousy etc from friends but this is to expected with women.... We are jealous creatures at the best of times. After seeing everyone's big gorgeous boobies on here I have to admit it makes me feel a lot more comfortable with my size. But definitely a note to be taken by those contemplating size and or type of implant Oh and my hubby to be was gawking at them this morning and said how they are fettig better and better with time. So I am nearly 2 years post op an they are still softening and dropping at te top. Yay xxx
  3. thanks for the advice Mrs B and mrs_m..... yeah, it's one of those things. Kicking myself in some ways, but happy with the results so do I "don't touch what isn't broken". I did go back to Dr Rastogi and expressed my concerns. He advised I leave them as is, and they aren't too big...... he said he would be concerned that a revision would tamper with my tissue therefore affecting my results. Always nice to get a second or third opinion. Check out my after piccies and please give your honest feedback on the size. They feel HUGE still. 2 years post op. Sign. x
  4. Hi All, I am new to this forum but don't know why I haven't stumbled across it earlier. I have had 3 surgeries to date - breast aug being one which is what I have a question regarding. Sooooo.... we all hear the stories from other women or surgeons saying "go as big as you can, girls always wish they had done so after the surgery". Well, I must be the only person I know who wishes they went smaller????? My surgeon is Dr Anoop Rastogi - wonderful surgeon, caring, kind and the man is an artist. The results are fantastic, but I just can't get used to having these big things on my chest, nor the attention they seem to attract when I walk through a mall 350cc High profile, tear drop, under muscle, 6 weeks post breast feeding first child I had the op - yes early but I couldn't wait! Ok, now it has been nearly 2 years since my surgery and I can't find bras that fit which don't make me look like a blow up doll (hehehehehe). I wear sports bras or bralettes to kind of disguise / squish my boobies down. (I must add while I'm doing this my husband to be LOVES them and tells me they aren't even big!!! Men!!). They completely cover my chest and the surgeon said they JUST fit, like perfect, giving me the perfect cleavage covering my chest without the big gap in the middle. So this is where we come to removal. I am getting married in May and plan on having another 2 babies back to back (lord help me!). After I have had the babies, to which I am very frightened of having G-cup boobies during, I want to get my breasts redone. I think it may actually be the projection / high profile that I don't like. I don't want the fullness at the top so am thinking round, med profile, 315/320s will be my next set - this being the set I originally wanted but last minute decided to go bigger GRRRRRRRR! Now as we know the 'fuzzy' implants grip onto our normal tissue to avoid the implants "flipping". So, my question is after my ramble - are they harder to remove. Will they cause more trauma to my chest? Has anyone any experience with these implants???? My next step is a few consultations with Brisbane based plastic surgeons to get their advice but it would be nice to "bang it out" on here first xxxx
  5. Yes! I do ..... amazing, amazing, amazing. I had my rhino done by Dr Nettle - exceeded expectations!
  6. Crap! sorry about your surgery My nose was a MESS in, out, you name it. Dr Nettle performed my surgery and I am absolutely thrilled with the results. Exceeded expectation. He is a Reconstructive Surgeon - so I feel if you need revision, you should 100% go and see Nettle.... pm if you need some more help
  7. I had my first BA done by Dr Rastogi in August 2010. His overall approach and professionalism, combined with his artistic pictorials of his work is what got me through the door. From start to finish his approach was warm and approachable. I was 6 weeks from finishing BF and HATED my little droopy breasts. He agreed to operate on me. I originally went in stressing i really wanted a natural finishing - and most definitely didn't want the 'bolt-on' look you see on so many girls and in Zoo magazines. He explained this is from high profile. Anyway, long story short, after going back and forth on size it came to my operation day. He had two choices. 1 - round 320 medium profile implants (round). 2 - high pofile 350cc implants (brazilian tear drop)..... I ended up with the high profile 350s. My quick response to how i feel.... he did an AMAZING job, placement perfect! But sadly, they feel WAY too big and a little too fake. I should have listened. but one of my faults is failing to speak up on what I really wish for. Something you do not want to be when choosing surgeons / surgery. I will likely get them redone - smaller or at least a lower profile. Will I go back to Rastogi - probably. He really is one of the best surgeons.... at the end of the day it was MY decision and sign off on the size and profile.... x
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