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  1. Dr Narupon just recommended similar for me. Round or teardrop, over or dual plane. I had a recommendation from Dr piyapas, he said i would need a lift, which i wasn't happy with. Dr Narupon has suggested similar to Dr Doyle who i saw on the gold coast, so i'm really happy with that. I just wish piac didn't charge more for dual plane haha
  2. I did read they were able to get her boobies in before the cardiac arrest occurred, So at least she hasn't woken up without what she went in there for. TCI recently blocked me from their fb page, I made a comment on the today-tonight segment about that girl that got an infection in Thailand 'I think it's wrong that TCI uses this girls unfortunate circumstances as an advertisement, think critically about the segment girls, How much did TCI pay today-tonight to have this segment?' I really didn't think the comment was that bad, all these girls were saying they were cancelling their trip to Thailand after that. I felt it was wrong that an organisation that is so closely involved with a woman's insecurities, was using a scare tactic to gain more clients. I considered going to TCI with a friend of mine before they did that, the scare tactic and blocking me from commenting or 'liking'. It makes me wonder how many bad reviews they delete? Every review on their fb page is 5 stars, and of course as a professional organisation they want to look good, but in a field where you are again so closely involved in personal insecurities and people lives, i feel it's important that they are honest and allow their clients to be well informed, I'm not sure TCI does that very well.
  3. I want to go to Phuket and PIAC too, but I have no idea which agency to go through either. I like the idea of going in June/July (uni mid year break) But i don't know if I want to go on a group tour or just take a friends with me.. I really have no idea. Soo much decision making!
  4. Maybe i just think they're huge cuz my boobies are currently so small haha. I've always been uncomfortable with my breasts, I remember getting changed for swimming in school like yr6, with my friends in the toilets, and one of my bestfriends said 'omg whats wrong with your nipples!? they're so big!' and we all looked in the mirror and i looked so different to the other girls. I don't think i ever got over it. I never wore a bikini after that and NEVER participated in swimming in high school ever. I might prefer to just leave the areola for now though, in case i ever have more children and want to breastfeed. Plus i was in an abusive relationship for 5 yrs where he consistently told me my boobs were weird and retarded. That couldn't have helped my confidence with my boobies. I actually like them more now though than i ever have.. I'm so excited and nervous to finally be getting them done though
  5. Hi Ladies, I'm new to the forum, though I've been reading a while and I've finally got the cashola together for surgery. My areolas are really big (like 7cm) and i'm currently an A cup, so they look really out of proportion to me. I wanted to get an areola reduction as well as implants to a D cup, but i have read that they just stretch back to what they were originally. Have any of you experienced this? I have my first consult 12th January with Dr Doyle on the gold coast and a consult for April 8th with Dr Layt. I've been on the phone with Lisa from Dr Stradwicks office, and she said with a bigger implant the areolas will look smaller in comparison to the size of the breast. But Dr stradwick is away for the dates i wanted surgery anyway. I'd love to know any experiences with Dr Doyle or Layt or a recommendation on the GC?? and any experiences of areola reduction whilst increasing breast size xx
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