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    Breast augmentation - looking around 365cc, under the muscle, high profile.
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    Dr Kwok - 31st March 2015
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    163cm / 49kg / 10B
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    Boobies boobies and more boobies!

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  1. I am 6 days post op with Dr Kwok and couldn't fault him!! Do you have any questions In particular? X
  2. Haha I know I've been quiet! I posted a little while ago on the reasons for it.. Long story short these have been the busiest months of my life so faR! Changed job, moved house into my parents and hubby couldn't move with work so I was working full time juggling a one and a three year old, bought another house, moved into it all without hubby, other random unexpected issues in my life, maid of honour for my best friend, and finally hubby had just moved back and I get my BA done! :b that was the short version!!! I do wish I started this thread as a March/April roll call and not so specific a
  3. Omg cuddlybear I'm only day 1 post op and I couldn't be any happier with Dr Kwok. My results are amazing. I'm just about to post some pics.
  4. Hmm tried attaching the photo but obviously didn't work. Will upload in my album on profile. Feel free to add.
  5. Omg I love my swollen and sore boobies already!!! Went in at 1pm but surgery didn't happen till 2pm coz of a delay. Then was out of there at 4.30. Best experience ever at Bondi TCI! Dr Kwok Was so so lovely. Will update my profile with some sneaky photos I took laSt night.
  6. Haha I felt like I did actually. I've moved from western nsw with work back to Sydney but hubby couldn't transfer for a few months so have been single mumming it for a while and we have just moved in to a new house And I'm learning a new role at work. So forum took a back-seat for a while there!!! Lol
  7. Larissa you are fantastic and keeping this going by the way. Lol. Xxx
  8. Anonymous123 and march29 of you email me at christinecatalogna@hotmail.com I'll tell you about how to get added to the secret tci pre and post op fb group. It's amazing but I need to tell you a few things first and you need to shoot over a screenshot copy or photo of your receipt booking you in. It's very private and moderated so well. And I wish I created the title of this group as just march / April boobie dates not this whole late March early April business!!! I created it to find girls around the 31st of March which is my date and it grew from there! Lol
  9. Hi ladies.. You can take me off the list. Dr Lee said I had a deformity & would need an entire breast reconstruction.
  10. I'm at Bondi Tci with Dr Kwok. When is your consult? Any idea what size etc you're going for?
  11. Hey mermaid!!!! you are the only other person I know on the same date! Finally! Lol. Where are you getting yours done? Xx
  12. I am 48kg's, 163cm tall and about a deflated b cup. I am aiming for 365+ cc implants but am happy to go with the biggest size Dr Kwok thinks would be right for my body. I already wear super padded push up bras that I think no one will ever tell the difference! Lol
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