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  1. Hi all I live in the southern highlands and found that the prices here are ridiculous for Botox or dysport one injector is charging $13 per unit for dysport. I did try her and yes the results were great but only lasted 2.5months and can’t justify the price especially if I’m having to go every couple of months I have tried laser clinics twice now and both times I have been left disappointed and dissatisfied with the results (to say the least) First time it lasted 3 weeks and then thought I’d give them another go a few weeks ago and got 30 units of dysport just in the frown area and had NO benefit. They want me to go back in and get more and pay again, which I am not going to do. can someone please recommend anyone around the area? I’m happy to drive to Campbelltown and I don’t want to go into the city as it’s about 2 hours away.
  2. I was so looking forward to watching ur surgery don, but I can't find it anywhere
  3. i have mentor and they have a lifetime warranty against rupture. Anyone who has had a rupture did they diagnose through USS?
  4. I had a breast augmentation at the end of March and still notice when i move the right side around it feels as though it is sitting in fluid or like airbubbles (cant really explain it) and when i push on certain spots i can feel like an airbubble in the implant i guess. The left one feels alot better and almost part of me now Is this a normal feeling? I called the PS rooms and the PA has suggested i get an ultrasound just to make sure nothing has happened to the implant
  5. Im currently getting laser hair removal at Laser Clinics for underarms and also Brazilian. I have had 2 sessions so far, but at my last appointment i had asked whether i could keep some hair on the pubic bone. i was thinking a triangle shape as when im older i dont think i want to be completely bald. They couldn't recommend anything as the head they use are round and they wouldnt be able to keep a straight line. Does anyone know of a stencil or something similar i could buy or any other recommendation?
  6. Yes there are very comfy and yes it's a medium
  7. I have a brand new Carefix Anna bra for sale $40 plus postage - It arrived too late so never used
  8. i was told that most unders are actually dual as not many people have large pec muscles to hide the whole implant
  9. I had mine done at the Lotus Institute with Dr Downie. Im 34 and like you its hereditary. I am so happy with the results No pain whatsoever, just looked like i had been in a fight - It looked really bad so i stayed indoors for a week maybe more.
  10. Can I send u a pic privately?? I tried but don't think it will let me - I'll post in my pics
  11. My right breast seems to have dropped a lot more then the left which I know is quite common but it now seems to have dropped really far that I could hold a pen under the crease
  12. I've had my upper eyelids done also 4 weeks ago and I LOVE them!! U can FR if u wish to see pics
  13. My PS advice for me was 3wks post op bra and now I can wear any soft cup bras and none at night but I still wear my post op bra at night and most days as I find it most comfortable. I would go by your surgeons advice. BAs aren't all the same and surgeons use different techniques
  14. I'm feeling much better today just on Panadol osteo and antibiotics. It's amazing how much better I'm feeling as each day passes. Was pretty tough the first 2 days although I'm still layed up in bed all day. I'm unable to have a shower until drains are out on Tuesday so a whole week without a shower eeewwww!! I'll feel much better when I can shower I think I did number 2s today - prune juice and Nulax fruit bar from woollies this did the trick - if u do get the fruit bar make sure u only take a little bite not the whole thing Hope everyone is doing well
  15. I was exactly the same I was so nervous on Tuesday my surgery day that I almost pulled out. Anesthetist said driving in ur car to the hospital is more risky than a GA. I still feel guilty cause I'm stuck in bed and my husband is looking after my 18mth old and its the longest I've gone without seeing him, but I know this time is good for him and his dad cause he works away 4wks at a time. I can hear him and he sounds happy enough but I just miss him U will be totally fine - I got through it and I have MASSIVE anxiety and panic attacks. I knew my surgeon was the best in his field so that gave me a little bit of comfort but I know how u feel ur brain just keeps bringing up the negatives and the what ifs. theres nothing anyone can really say that will make it go away, you just have to ride it out. Xx best of luck honey - u will be so happy once it's all done.
  16. Had bandages removed yay!! They look way better then I thought they would Drains are in until Tuesday due to long weekend Putting pics up now x
  17. Get my bandages removed today at 12. I'm a little anxious cause they r quite sore and I feel they r more protected with them tight. They r going to look huge I think. I had a hernia repair and upper eyelids done too so feeling a little battered Boobs are the worst - very tight chest but once the meds kick in the pain is bearable. I have drains too and they were draining 200ml yesterday so don't thunk they will come out today booo! Looking forward to a shower Plus its a long weekend so if drains stay in they will be in until Tuesday I think..
  18. I've ordered lite & easy for a week so hubby doesn't have to worry about meals I would also recommend a prescription for paradine forte I have been using that instead of end one cause it made me vomit and it's working a treat
  19. I wonder why downie won't do them ?? He told me I could have any size I wanted but recommended 3 but said I could of gone as big as I wanted. How long were drains in don? I was draining 200ml yesterday so don't think they will taken out today. I'm scared to have the bandages removed cause they feel more protected with them tight.
  20. I used to work for Workcover so I know if u injured yourself at work they legally have to make light duties available. The same principles due apply even though u didn't hurt yourself there but not as enforced. When I had back surgery my employer was given a medical certificate for my injury (nit done at work) and they put me on light duties but they could of said don't come back until ur 100% (Anyone can correct me if I'm wrong but u should have medical restriction due to an injury - therefore u r able to take sick leave or they should offer u light duties if they can accomodate. I suggest going to ur dr and writing medical letter stating ur restrictions ie 10kg weight limit (which they have to abide by) or they can say they can't have u back until u r medically fit to perform ur job. Therefore u should be taking all sick leave first then exhausting ur holidays.
  21. I had 500cc unders mentor rounds HP Feeling a lot better today. I've dropped endone cause was making me vomit and just taking panadine forte and meds from dr. Spoke to nurse today and doesn't look like I'll be getting drains out tomorrow. I'm already at 200ml and dr downie prefers them in than out if still draining a fair bit. Makes me a little anxious about how much is there. Post pics soon when I feel up to it.
  22. Hi ladies - I made it through the surgery I was so freaked out I almost pulled out when I was there. Very sore and feel so yucky from GA and the endone I think. Not looking forward to sleep I don't know how I will sitting up and I didn't sleep last night either so absolutely buggered! I am all wrapped up so won't get to see results until Thursday for post op review - can't wait! My upper eyelids and hernia repair is painless which is great
  23. I am also a little worried, ive had a cough for about 2 weeks now and every now and then cough up phlegm - ill see what they say on Tuesday hopefully wont be a problem
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