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  1. I will be in Bangkok on 27 dec, alone so still there until 9 Jan.
  2. How do you see photos? I Only have 6 nights to go and getting really nervous as I am getting done overseas....
  3. Although I am in hospital for 4days you might be on your way home by then....
  4. Hopefully we might see each other
  5. I am staying at the Somerset and Dr Kanit is my surgeon.
  6. Oh gee my op is all booked for 27, yeah overseas now I am really scared already, I will be a wreck by next week.
  7. Good luck, hope all goes well. Did all your ladies have your op in Australia?
  8. I have never had a catheter lol is it uncomfortable, I am having surgery in Bangkok.
  9. Hi I am having TT and lipo in Bangkok on 27, any experiences from anyone or anyone else going to be there?
  10. Hope you both are doing well? Please let me know how you went and where you had your surgery done?
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