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    BA . I am booked in for consultation with Dr Tang from TCI on 13th July.Surgery date fro 25th July.
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    Dr Tang 25th July 2013
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    165cm/64kg/10-12 A empty
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    Gym, Dancing, Food

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  1. I had no bloating and i could not eat the first 3 weeks i lost weight ( i was expecting to bloat and put on weight). My post surgery was too easy and pain free i was worried. Now 5 month post op all going good so far. Boobies are the best thing i have done for myself. Wish i went bigger though.
  2. Hi vicmaid I have been on this website for a while now. I dont think i have come across anyone who has had 800cc +.
  3. I did the same as Mums2. I found the lighter surgical tape irritated my skin. Im now 3 months post op and the scares are good and slowly fading.
  4. i go to Star cosmetics in pyrmont. They are priced well and do a good job. i have my forehead and frown done.
  5. Hi Nikijade I am now 9.5 weeks Post op. I went to TCI and Had Dr Tang. He is fantastic. I am 64kg 165cm tall and before my BA i was a saggy A cup. I had 420cc XHP under muscle. I am now a Full 10-DD and a good fit 10-E cup. They certainly dont look that big. I am happy with the result. They have changed so much since the BA looking nice and natural. You are in great hands best to look for a look you want not the size you want. In a lot of tops they look like a Full C cup or a D. No one has really noticed but im not shy to say i had a BA at all. My recovery after BA was the easiest. I was expecting the worst painful recovery and i had it so easy no bruising or bloating or pain to this day. I was able to move and shower day after surgery and started my walking day 10. I hope you have a great recovery. you will love your new boobies. So good to have a womanly body. The whole procedure is so quick from the second you walk in. i was in at 9.30 and walked out at 1pm. DRIVE THRU BOOBIES :-)) Best of luck.
  6. i did a quick search on him on this forum and there was one bad review and one good one. I went to him for consult about 2 years ago for lypo on thighs. I did not feel comfortable with him at all. TCI in parramatta are great. I had my BA with Dr tang 2 months ago and could not fault him or the clinic. Great prices as well.
  7. Hey girls i had my BA 2 months ago. I had the Franken boob thing going. It was horrible it lasted about 2 weeks then they started to form shape. Just part of the process for some of us.
  8. Just listen to your body. One thing i noticed when i did walk so early on for an hour i felt very tight around chest i did not sleep the best.
  9. i am now 8 weeks post op. I started very slow walking for an hour on treadmill 8 days post op. it was doing my head in not being able to train. I did that for 4 weeks and on the 5th week i upped the walking and heart rate and i started leg workouts. I have not yet trained upperbody or i have not yet tried to run. i will start running when i am 3 months.
  10. i paid $2000 before my consult and surgery. They said if you dont want to go ahead you give them 24hour written notice that you dont want to go ahead and they will refund your money. i was happy with consult so i went ahead now i am 2 months post op and all is well. Dr jake lim does great work as well.
  11. I went 420cc. i have photos up but noone can see them. Dont know why??
  12. I had unders 7.5 weeks ago. Recovery was too easy. Never felt pain or a twitch just tightness and fluid in breast the first week. i Was able to move after surgery and shower and cook day 2. I took it easy and relaxed and slept alot.
  13. Good luck Don on your new job. Sounds like a dream come true. You are moving on and making yourself happy.
  14. Jasmine77 yes go ahead. I dont have any recent photos. In clothing they dont look like very much but naked they are a good size. Im very happy with size. Im also 165cm tall and about 63kg. I am heavy bottom so they are a perfect balance on my body.
  15. Hi Mimoffive You sound like myself. I had those horrible experiences before my BA as well trying to buy and fit nice and full in a Bikini and bras. Never really successful. Are there symptoms when they drop and fluff. I have not yet had any pain or twitching or anything of that kind since my BA. It was the most painless easy surgery ever.
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