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    dr mark lee
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  1. he is going to reinforce the pockets with internal sutures, lift one side as it bottomed out and replace both implants and open the pockets laterally to take the pressure of the repair but also so they sit more naturally instead of the middle of my chest! hey moragc, not long for your appt now! If you didnt get in earlier of course! i too considered dr revis, but have full faith in tony. He does ALOT of repairs! He is doing all internal sutures to which I am pleased of. hope your appt. Goes well
  2. I'm having a repair in 6 weeks so am also keen to hear some tips !
  3. I'm in with Tony to have my symmastia repaired on December 1st. I came out of an op with Mark Lee with symmastia and over dissected pockets. Most of Tony's work is revision and reconstructive, my consult was fantastic, very thorough. Ring for cancellations, you'll get in a bit sooner than his usual long wait!
  4. Hi all, Just chasing mark lee's girls that have had bad experiences with him or having needed/needing revision from his surgeries.... any reviews experiences would be great. I respect alot of you have had a great outcome and great experiences but just wanting to hear from those who have had trouble and why Thanks ladies!!
  5. To be honest I feel as though I could have gone an extra 100 or so cc's. So glad I went with an extra 50cc's on my original choice or I would have been so disappointed!! After the swelling went down I was a little underwhelmed but grew to love them
  6. Does anyone actually have a rough idea how much it would cost to travel to USA and have repair surgery there?? Having trouble finding out
  7. Hi ladies hoping you can help! How do you upload photos or an album to gallery?
  8. Thanks big booty, I really appreciate you telling me all of that. As I don't have private health I need to pay hospital fees but he is doing it free of charge for me. My post op photos have evidence of symmastia when it was starting so he didn't need any other proof. I do believe he is excellent and very personable and does have a high regard for his patient care
  9. I am curious to know if anyone else has gone through Dr Mark Lee for their BA and to know how your experience was with him...? Mainly based on the outcome of your surgery??
  10. Most of them but a few through the middle will be external
  11. I am curious to know if anyone else has gone through Dr Mark Lee for their BA and to know how your experience was with him...? Mainly based on the outcome of your surgery??
  12. I have 350cc HP under. He isn't going to change my implants at all or move them, he is going to suture down through my cleavage and suture the pocket back together under and on the side of my right implant to hold it back up and in because it has dropped out of its pocket. Thank you for sharing with me, it's nice to know I'm not the only one in this situation. I avoided going over seas for surgery with a better result. I know girls that went to phuket when I was meant to and have perfect breasts. Just goes to show it can happen anywhere!!
  13. Can I ask what size and profile implants you have now Chiwee? Donatella not from any reliable source just from girls I've talked to and research x
  14. I've heard that's not the most reliable fix...
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