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  1. Thanks for saying that yesplease...what I will say to anybody reading this the implants that were in for 20 years were badly capsulated and like rocks Dr Rubenstein has put in a textured implant this time he says that it's much lower chance of capsulating. Hope that might help someone :-D
  2. But be careful if you do post because they will attack you and call you a liar...........
  3. We don't really care what you think cosmetic....
  4. Thank you whitey but I won't be having anymore procedures to write about! I understand what your saying and I'm sure people do bs on here but I can promise Caryn and I are legit patients we had the same surgeon 20 years ago ( Murray Stapleton) and we both went to Dr Rubenstein along with another friend. We are genuinely wrapped with our results
  5. This website was mentioned to myself and caryn by a friend and we wanted to say something about our surgeon
  6. Whitney looks like a male so I'm wondering what breast surgery he had
  7. Caryn I knew we were best friends but the same person...how cool!
  8. That is a fair point but the way you guys go in for the attack is crazy....it's like the trolls they talk about...we are not bloggers so that's why we don't live on this site like some...what a disappointing forum.
  9. he has been around for years maybe somebody else had a bad experience but we didn't....you guys are ridiculous
  10. Well you are wrong ladies men whoever you are....
  11. Oh my I am sick of these people calling us liars....I mean who are they?
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