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  1. congrats and super excited for you!! looking forward to your feedback not long now!!!!!!
  2. gosh cupcake yikes! .. nervous and excited at the same time ..hope all goes well for you!
  3. hey ladies! congrats on your new boobies!! I was quite nauseous for a week or so. I am pretty sure the pain pills also made me consitpated so up the fibre. I was more nauseous as the site of my body - no drain so a lot of fluid moving from my pecs, back, tummy and lower - OMG i felt really uncomfortable at the site of my body I wanted to throw a massive tantrum!! After a couple of weeks though i felt much better. Definitely get into some stretching, less hunching of the shoulder and try moving arms around - it will help with dropping the implants sooner etc. I went in for so many massages.. on my side, on the chair - whatever just massage my shoulders because they were so tense!! I meditated a lot too because I was truly freaking out, had thoughts of regrets etc, but I tuffend up got on with it - it was a bit mentally draining and disabling. hope you have great support around you. My boobs have started to soften up now after about a month. it was super tight between my breasts I thought I could somehow form a mono boob, but i had just skin and bone there before so I've been using rose hip and bio oil to help soften up this area and no sign of stretch marks! still sore though and still on panadol. Hoping for a speedy recovery :D take care xo
  4. OUCH! sounds painful - and the thought of spewing at the touch, I could just imagine!! I just had a look at mine the other day and BLEH!!!. Lol (in the nicest, non offensive way), I too didn't imagine this much hands on effort after surgery. As every surgeon is different I was told I didn't need to massage and that wearing non super compressive bralets/sports bras etc would allow the implant to fall naturally into its pockets- this I was surprised at, as many people on here did have to follow a routine post op. Do you think your stitches are still dissolving, hence super bumpy? I'm yet to address my scarring issue, I am still way to chicken to look again or even touch them! My BF has been super helpful. Best wishes with your recovery, sorry I couldn't give you any pointers. Happy healing You could also definitely call your surgeons office if you are still worried
  5. hey a, I had mine on for a little while and just replaced it. I was advised to keep it on for a little while, can't remember how long, but it was not to irritate the incision area (I was advised that the incision area usually seals in about 2 days? I am sure this is what I recall at my 1 week check up). In my situation it has been beneficial to helping my incision heal and allow the area not to be irritated as my skin gets irritated quite easily and at risk of keloid scarring. When my bf uncovered it for the first time, he wiped it with beta dine and then i left it overnight to breath. I then replaced it with new tape the next day. My skin scars easily, and incisions are still la bit tender, so I'll keep using this method until they don't hurt at all. Hope my experience so far helps a bit. I would say it wouldn't be a bad thing leaving it overnight. take care
  6. Heya ladies , This was forwarded to me by a friend and thought I'd share. It's from the mamamia site, not too sure the integrity of article. Just reminded me that we are a long way from being out of the woods! Hope you are all well and we all never get to experience this!' http://www.mamamia.com.au/lifestyle/botched-breast-implants/
  7. Oh no. Sorry to hear this! Hope all goes well in resolving this issue with your surgeon. Will be following this post. Take care
  8. hey . lol, they are fresh in huh? well I am not too far from that, 1 month and a couple of days. Yes, how weird are they at first! I felt so disgusted in my body though, especially with the swelling and the staunch super pecs i had going on there for a little while. Well so far they have definitely softened from the first week. I did read it is very similar to getting the milk at childbirth. I am definitely waking and functioning with less general soreness around the area. I have been trying to lay off the panadene fort and also acacia tablets as well. There was an up date here on the gallery of a member 5 months post op and all getting squishy! gosh they look great!! so I cannot wait until then. But for now, noiticlby softer and dropping nicely. Enjoy the journey and happy healing
  9. tannedbae


    hey boobdreams, hope it starts to get a bit better for you! I didn't have drains when I had mine done (in oz a month ago). swelling hung around for about a week then it went away. Maybe just double check with someone who would actually respond to your needs! gosh sounds like a very stressful time so far! take care xo
  10. hope it goes well for you tomorrow and its not a problem that cannot be managed. yes great after care!
  11. hey I remember my surgeon saying 6 weeks should be fine to get fitted. I won't make it to a bras n things (or anything like that) for a little while longer than that so sports bras are it for now. you must be super excited to find out your new size! congrats! excited for you!!
  12. I had "super pecs" at least for the first week! even swelling around to my back! After the first week it started to go away. I am now nearly a month post op and most, if not all swelling has gone wishing a speedy recovery
  13. hey foxontherun interesting point. I've notice a difference in the dropping of my right compared with my left - I'm 3 weeks post op. Are you also right handed? this may also have a lot to do with it ?
  14. hey, just keep in mind the projection of the implant will play an influencing shape of the actual result whether it be rounds or anatomical. i've got a narrow body, but decided to got rounds xhp for the look I want. I'm only 3 weeks post op so they are only starting to drop. Yes they do look freakishly odd at the moment, if you are trying to achieve the natural look, but i would say don't rule out rounds completely, the upper pole fullness gained is something to consider. good luck xo
  15. i will be taking a total of 5 weeks off work. I tried to go back a couple of days ago (3 weeks post op) and I was in the most pain i have been throughout my whole recovery! A bit of a rougher job tho, but still I'm pretty much back to first week post op routine. Pain meds, rest and comfort food! lol. wishing you a speedy recovery
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