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  1. I'm 180 73kgs pre op 14b/c I'm 5weeks post op 520cc in left and 560cc in right. High profile Unders. FR me if you like to see pics
  2. Hey hun, hope your feeling well, think about you all the time! Sending love and positive vibes. X
  3. I'm a dr lee girl, 16days post op. I went in hoping for 500cc. He was nice and told me I wasn't just another number, he also said he was old school doctor in regards to the consult and post op care. I took my top off he took all his mesurments. He then got down to size, asked me what I hopes to acheive and I said I'd like the biggest I could go and wanted betwwen fake and natural. He suggested high profle, as the mods wouldn't achieve what I wanted and the xhp were too narrow. He then suggested 520cc, I have almost a cup size diffrence between my breast, so we decided 520cc I'm my larger breast and 560cc I'm my smaller breast. He was fantastic day of surgery( the next day) joking around etc. god luck with everything. dr Lee is a masters lol
  4. Awesome hun, scored that well! If you want to join the private tci page let me know. X
  5. Wow. That's a long time. Guess I was lucky to book mid dec and got 17/18th Feb.
  6. How long was the wait for dr lee? Just curious!
  7. I flew in Monday, consult tues, surgery wed and flew Saturday. But could have flown Friday. I had dr lee too. stayed at the meriton bondi.
  8. Thanks, yes I knew I'd bruise eaisily. But they do look nasty. Hope you feeling better too hun xx
  9. Hey feb beauties! I've posted day 4 pics. Please send FR if not already friends. X
  10. Hey ladies just to let you know Dr Lee (tci) and I choose 560cc in the right and crease lowed, and 520cc in the left. High profile. Unders. Feeling good. Bit sore now when I get up. Will post pics tomorrow morning after my shower.
  11. Hi ladies, went fanstTic, I've been up around, 7am surgery was walking out at about 10am. Will post pics tomorrow. And full review . Xo Hope my boobie buddies went well!
  12. 615 in the extra high profile is the highest they go and you may not be even suitable to go that big. If you want bigger you best to look into dr doña. If not your better to look even overseas.
  13. Missy moo, dr lee did all his mesurments and i have one smaller breast which I knew I had.. So he said 450 for natural or 520.. I asked for 560 in the small breast and my crease on that side will be lowered. So yeh happy I got what I was hoping for when I went in for my consult.
  14. Cousult done.. 520cc in left and 560cc in the right. High profile unders. 7am tomorrow morning!
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