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    Breast augmentation
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    Dr Kwok TCI 15/1/15
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    171cm 58kg 10A
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    Yoga , bootcamp , living life !

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  1. 350 all the way hun!!!!!! I chose the smaller size and I regret it I had the choice of 330 or 370 ! I thought id look too big but i regret it now . So yeah 350 !
  2. Hahahaha boob greed !!! I am in the same boat . Only 5 weeks post op and I'm like .... They look no different . I have to look at pre op photos to snap out of it !!!!! $$$$$$ don't have for another op lol
  3. I wake up and get up and it feels like all the blood rushing thru my boobs when I get up !!! Then they are tender for a while
  4. I'm 3 weeks tomorrow and I gor 330 under the muscle and I am still sore . Tight and hard . It's slowly getting there . I think !! Maybe it's normal
  5. Hey I am 171cm and 58kg and was a 10a and I got 330cc moderate profile .... Im only 10 days post op . I don't know what bra size I am gunna end up yet as I'll have to wait another few weeks for the swelling to settle . with but I am hoping to be a full c . I wanted a natural look not a fake look . I am glad I chose what I did . Any bigger I wouldn't know what to do with myself lol
  6. That's good to know thanks everyone !!! I'm also itchy mummy2 ! I've been quite lucky not really needing any pain relief so I have not missed going to the toilet exept for the day after surgery . Can't wait to stop taking these antibiotics! Yuk .
  7. Morning breasties! I wanted to see if anyone else has been in my situation.... I am 5 days post op and my tummy is so round and sore , even my legs look swallen not to mention the top half of me my shoulders look bigger . My mum said i look like an Olympic swimmer !!!!! have to wait 6 weeks still before excercise. I feel like everything I eat adds to the bloat . I am round in places I have never been ( other than my new boobs ) I excercised on a daily basis up to the very last day right before surgery I had a nice toned belly !!!! I did Expect to put on more weight but seriously??? Is it the antibiotics? Is it the sitting upright at night ! Oh yeah and Ive had a headache for 2 days now ! I get no sympathy for anyone ;( I keep hearing "well you wanted these things In your body !!" Can't wait to get back to my old self .
  8. I'm on my way to nsw as I write this !!!!! Not long now !!!! Eeeeeeep!!!! 3 days to go !
  9. Instagram has lots of girls that make accounts . U just need to find them . But start by liking the cosmetic institute On Instagram . I created my own BA Instagram page and made other BA friends.
  10. I am thinking about it but I'm from s.a and it says it only covers it if u come to every follow up appointment !!! So I'm gunna check what's the go there
  11. So are u saying it's best not to ever do push ups ever again!??? Oh man do I really want to do this ? My yoga practice has a lot of push ups and planks :/
  12. I'm using palmers extra concentrate stretch mark cream and have been using it for about a month twice a day , my surgery is in a week ! I am very paranoid About getting stretch marks lol
  13. Hi ricebecky ! I'm pretty much the same stats as u and in going with de Kwok next Thursday ! I'll post some info for u when I get mine done ;D
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