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    2 stage breast lift and BA
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    Dr Andrew Broadhurst July 2017
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  1. Ive seen a girl called kirsty at my surgeons rooms in newstead - surgery is called enhance plastic surgery. Otherwise i have also heard good things about laser clinics queens st, I think thats the one? Good luck
  2. HI there - I saw kirsty at Enhance at Dr Andrew Broadhursts clinic in Newstead. I got an email from them about a special they had on juvederm for $425. I really love my lips
  3. I have been told i will need a lift and implants and was thinking traveling from brisbane to sydney to see Dr Tavakoli. I sent an email enquiry and he chases $27,600 for this surgery!! I have been quoted about $15,000 in brisbane. Has anyone travelled to see him for this op and is there a reason you chose him over staying local given he is so much more expensive?
  4. Thanks for your reply I will look into them. Anyone used Emilly Hadrill extensions?
  5. I am sure this has been asked before.. but does anyone have any suggestions for hair extensions in Brisbane?!
  6. Hi laurel - have you looked at their face books? i follow dr richardson and dr broadhurst and both often have before and afters of breast reductions (I'm looking at implants) i haven't heard of the others but that doesn't mean anything either
  7. Don't TCI have a class action against them involving a large number of patients? I consider that to be more alarming then one lawsuit.....
  8. have you asked TBI about a phone consult first? I would think they would let you do that and then ha ve a face to face consult before your op? Seems odd that they wouldn;t.. my friend went through another clinic in Sydney (PS clinic) and that is what they let her do
  9. I think they look fab!! i cant wait to get mine done.I have dr B to but going to enhance
  10. I know he has a great reputation but calling his wife during the consultation? You would think it could have waiting or he could ask one of the staff to phone. i would definitely make another apt to ask him all your qs you wanted to.
  11. I went through the same thing but they said those surgoens won't be there in january which is when i want to have my consult so i have booked with broadhurst direct. id just give them a ring! they won't think your stupid -its good to feel comfortable with were your going
  12. You're lucky Hollymay - I tried to get in with him there but they said he is only doing a few more lists as training a new surgeon..looks like ia have to go to his other clinic! but they said they have new finance which offers 12 months interest free so i will look at that when I enquire
  13. I have also tried to figure out who actually does the operation there as i rang the other day and they said it wasn't dr perron but they couldn't tell me who? so confusing!
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