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  1. I think it is misleading to say under 400cc you won't notice a difference. 375cc took me from a 10a to a 10dd, the difference is ridiculously noticeable.
  2. I was at Myers yesterday and they are having a mid season clearance, it was 60% off the already reduced price. Picked up 10dd bras for $6, they had up to a 10g (brand was 'one tru luv'). Nice patterns/materials, thin straps, only two hooks at the back so not industrial strength at all. Worth a look.
  3. I'm a 10dd or an 8e, the 10dd is an easy size to find but an 8 isn't (I have seen lots of 10e bras too). Trying to find wire free bras in those sizes is hard though they do up to a 10b it seems and then after that the wire free bras in larger cup sizes seem to only come in wider band sizes. But I have only found two underwire bras that are comfortable, one was YSL and the other was a BnT bra. I have taken the wire out of a couple of others and found they fit much better. Haven't found a strapless bra that fits at all (wanted one more for modesty than support). Unless the outfit needs it I still wear a wire free sports bra most days.
  4. I got cleared to ride my bike at 6 weeks. I'm 9 weeks post op now and I'm still taking it easy. The first ride was painful, especially even the slightest incline. I went for my first hour long ride last week and I felt it that's for sure. I think I definately underestimated how much I use my arms and chest while cycling.
  5. I wonder what everyone considers to be the 'fake look'? I think most implants, even the smaller ones, have somewhat of a fake look because of the upper pole, side boob and just the fullness of them. Especially without a bra on just because of where they sit without the support of being pushed up.
  6. I'm a similar size 165cm, 52kg and was a 10a. 350/375cc has taken me to a 10dd. Not everyone wishes they'd gone bigger, I'm very happy wth my size. Depending on what I wear sometimes they are obviously fake but I can also dress to make them look completely natural.
  7. My doctor said after six weeks for going without a bra. I've done it a couple of times as it was more comfortable than wearing a strapless bra but after a couple of hours it did start to ache so it's not something I'd do too often at this stage.
  8. I have an office type job and I struggled to return after three weeks. It took me six weeks before I could lift a full laundry basket. I couldn't have done any of the stuff you described after two weeks. The problem is you won't know until afterwards what type of recovery to expect. Some people breeze through it and others struggle. If after two weeks you aren't up to it can you get a medical certificate for lighter duties?
  9. I haven't put any pics up either. I suppose I should. I've taken enough on my phone to fill an album
  10. Lol go vlinder I'm with you. I'm basically held together at this stage with boobs, Botox and bleach, no 'graceful' ageing here either
  11. I'm 165cm, 52kg and a size 6 (and I started as a size 10a) and I had 350/375cc unders and I now wear a 10dd and I'm one of the few here who doesn't have boob greed A lot of people say that implants measure a lot bigger than they look, but on my frame I think I do look like at least a 10d in clothes and they look bigger naked so the size you are going for will give you a 10c look in clothes in my opinion. As far as looking fake, I think they all look a bit fake in the beginning until they soften and drop. And the sizers look heaps bigger than what you do after the actual surgery.
  12. I'm 8 weeks post op. My right has always had more twinges and a feeling of pulling from the inside but I was assured that it was because I'm right handed and as a result I just use that side more so I feel it more often.
  13. Some surgeons have different recommendations but I was told six weeks in a soft non-under wire bra, I had to wear it to bed and only took it off to shower. The doctor gave me one post op bra and I bought a couple of those soft cup ah bra type ones from best and less and a good soft cup sports bra from bras and things for when I went walking. At the six week mark the doctor said I could wear underwire and no need for a bra at night. But I still can't wear underwire for more than an hour as it hurts and I've found I'm still wearing a soft crop top to bed. For the first six weeks I didn't worry about whether or not the bras looked nice I just went for comfort.
  14. Your recovery is such a personal thing, I don't think anyone knows how their body will personally handle it until it actually happens (kind of like childbirth). You can be 20 and have a shocking recovery and be 40 have an easy 'I was up and about and going out to dinner the next day' recovery and vice versa.
  15. I'm seven weeks post op and a week ago I got the all clear to wear normal bras. I bought three, a sports bra without underwire that I can wear no worries and two bras with underwire that leave me in agony. The pain isn't my breast as much as underneath the breast and at the side. I was sized as a 10dd but I'm thinking maybe going up a size (band? Cup?) may help. Or maybe some people need to wait longer to feel comfortable? I have a very boney chest and it is the boney bits that hurt like crazy after wearing a bra. Anyone else finding regular bras uncomfortable and what do you suggest?
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