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  1. - Back scratcher (not being funny or anything but I really could not scratch my back) - Post Op bras - Clean towels (I am always suspicious as to how clean hotel towels are) - Disinfectant hand wipes - front opening tops (did not want to have to move my arms up)
  2. Thank you ladies for your support. United we fight boob greed together!!!
  3. Hello Sarah! I have put pics up, send me a friend request and you should be able to see them. Dr Poomee let me make the final decision regarding cc and I asked him for advice. He suggested around the range of 325cc would look good. And he did a great job, so I hold myself totally accountable for having boob greed. I think it is really an art for the surgeons, and they look for balance, perkiness and the shape rather than focusing entirely on cc. And they also have to advice us from the health perspective - bigger the size the higher % of complications. I think the sizing tests gave me the impression they would come out bigger than the real result, if I can do it again I would probably go 1 -2 sizes bigger. I woke up in a tight post op bra but I have very sensitive skin and started developing a rash on the 2nd day post op. So Dr P took me off that bra and put me into a simple cotton front opening bra. I then went to the department stores and searched for front opening non wire and maternity bras. There was very little selection but I managed to find 2 sad looking front opening bras that fitted. After a week I was able to wear a sports bra and these were readily available at the stores.
  4. Hi everyone! I am now 6 weeks post op. Sent some photos to the doc and he is pleased with my progress overall. The only issue seem to be my left side which is still higher then my right....sigh.... Looks liked my right has dropped completely and it makes me kind of sad as I think they look small Even my hubby is saying they have lost some 'voommm'.... I think I am having serious boob greed....fantasizing about a revision ....oh dear....am I being way too greedy? One way I am trying to stop obsessing is to remind myself that I didn't want to go too big due to the higher risk of complications and also from looking overdone Any ladies like to share thoughts on boob greed?
  5. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas! Day 15 post op My left is still higher than my right and I am now getting concerned that they will end up looking asymmetrical and weird . I know I have to be patient as the doc told me that changes will still happen two months after the op. I really can't wait for them to fluff and drop. The skin on my breasts are feeling a bit itchy, perhaps due to them stretching to accommodating the implants. Using some Josie Maran oil on them after showering to try and help with that. Stitches are also healing well and it makes me more confident to be a bit more firmer with the massaging. I was worried before about pulling the stitches when massaging and was being a soft with them. I started walking on the treadmill and aim to walk for an hour a day just to get some light exercise back into my routine. Really can't wait to start working out again, miss exercising and that energy so much .
  6. Hi Bommerang, wishing you a speedy recovery! I personally found the first 4 days the worst and things got a lot easier and less sore from the 5th day onwards.
  7. Hi Jordierose, Thank you for your message. I had my last check up by Dr Poomee today before I leave Bangkok. I agree that he is a great doctor and very willing to answer all my questions. I am now 9 days post op and below is a recap on happenings and thoughts.... - Experiencing bouts of raging boob greed - like 99% of the posts I have read, I wish I had gone bigger! I was a pre-op B cup and now a C cup. Have to be honest and say I was hoping to be a D cup. I had 325cc, smooth, moderate plus implants. I am 160 cm and 53 kg. I read about other girls who have the exact same implants ending up with D cups or E cups. I guess implants are different on individuals and life is just unfair Actually I was telling Dr P today that I think they look small. He smiled and said he feels the size suits me and that since I don't work in the adult entertainment industry, I really don't need them to be bigger. We both actually burst into laughter when he said it...it's cute he tried to reassure me. - My left is still very high up while my right is making good progress - it's very weird, my left is really high and in a weird shape. I have been told to massage it a bit more and use the strap to continue to push the left side down. I really hope they will both balance out and 'fluff and drop' soon. And in case Santa is listening... please make my cup size bigger.... - Have been given green light to wear any bra and sleep on my side - but I am feeling rather conservative and would rather stick with my sports bras and sleeping on my back for a few more weeks. I love sleeping on my left side but I really do not want this to create added complications to my already strange looking left boob. - The food is so good here....and I noticed lots and lots of dessert places. It seems the locals do like sweet things....I do wonder what their secret is....how can the ladies stay so slim despite all the sweet/junk food widely available in the malls? I personally find this quite fascinating - This is a small thing but I hope it will be helpful to ladies going for procedures at Bumrangrad - they provide bottled water when you stay in the hospital post op. However, they come in huge 1.5L bottles which is almost impossible to lift up after surgery (and should not be lifting anyway). What the nurses did was to pour the water into a small glass but it was so small that I had to drink it quickly and ask them to refill it again before they left the room. I think it would have been v helpful to have bought a plastic cup with a cover and straw on top (a bit like those transparent plastic cups you can get at Starbucks). That way there would be enough to sip at one's own pace. Not essential, just a personal recommendation. - Post-op bras - considering how well stocked the department stores here are with underwear, I was very disappointed that they do not stock post-op bras. I think it is always a bit risky purchasing them before the op as you wont know for certainty you will get the right/best size. But just a warning that I found post-op bras almost impossible to buy on the high street here in Bangkok. If other girls have recommendations please do share
  8. I would like to share my experience with you. I just had my breast augmentation surgery with Dr Poomee. So far, my experience has been very good and things have gone very smoothly. As I am traveling alone, I opted to stay at hospital for 2 nights. I have been feeling quite drowsy and tired and was actually falling asleep throughout my time there so really glad I stayed the extra night. It would have been really difficult for me to manage on my own on the second day. Dr Poomee and his wife are very helpful and answered all the questions I had. The staff are very attentive at Bumrungrad and they are all really willing to help. Really impressed by the level of care and the helpful attitude of the staff. It's now third day post op and I am feeling ok. I take pain meds sometimes to just help when I feel a bit sore but nothing unbearable so far (fingers crossed). I hope to keep updating this thread with my recovery process. Let me know if you have any questions
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