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    Dr Kwok on April 14th 2015
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    170cm/ 60kgs/ 10AA & over it :)

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  1. Hey Jessgetsboobs! How did you go? What size implants did you end up getting! I can't wait to see some pics. 12 weeks today for me it's taking forever!!
  2. Hi Emma17, I'm travelling from Brisbane so had to book my consult & appointment back to back and I was told that April 13 &14 were the next available appointment. It seems like soooooooooooo long away! OMG Jessgetsboobs I'm so excited for you! I cant wait to hear how it all goes.. xx
  3. Just wondering where the people travelling are staying? I've booked into the Meriton & I'm wondering if there's somewhere cheaper. How long is everyone staying there for?
  4. That's great news Excited2015!! I'm with Dr Kwok the week before you & I'll be travelling from Brisbane. I'm so excited!
  5. I'm all booked for April 13th for consult & surgery on 14th with DR Kwok! I know exactly what I want but have no idea with size I will need I'm currently a 10AA and want to be a size C. I'm so excited and wish it would hurry up! Are any of you girls part of the TCI private forum? When I was booking my appointments Amy from TCI suggested that I ask one of the girls on here to add me to the group so that I can see some more pics of Dr Kwoks work. Thanks
  6. I really want to see more photos of his work but all I can find are the ones of Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest. Does anyone know of any other places that I could search?
  7. Hey is great isn't he Jaymes. I have an idea of what I want & heaps of photos to show him. I'm interested to see what he suggests.
  8. How exciting Bellaboo! I wish I could've got in earlier but never mind. What the size thing that you did? Maybe I should give that a go
  9. Awesome Jessgetsboobs! Thanks so much. I wish I was getting mine next week - April feels like a lifetime away
  10. Hi ladies!! I'm so excited! I've just booked & paid my deposit for BA with Dr Kwok at TCI for April. Now to decide what size to go. I'm 170cms & 60kgs. Is there anyone of similar size that have had theirs done? If so what size did you end up going. Thanks
  11. Hi Ladies, I've just booked with Dr Kwok for April 13th for my consult & the 14th April for my surgery!! I'm so excited!! Can someone please let me know what I need to do to be added to the private TCI forum. Thanks
  12. Ricey

    Dr Kwok at TCI

    Hi Ladies, I'm new to this forum & have booked with Dr Kwok on 31st April. After having 2 Kids & breast feeding both I pretty much have a small 10A cup which is all skin. Has anyone else gone from this size & what size did you go for? I'm 172cm - size 8/10. I'm having trouble deciding what size to go for as I don't want them to look too fake. Thanks in advance
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