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  1. I'm 6 months PO and have only just started to feel better about mine. My nipples sat VERY low at first but the lower pole has started to fill out. I still think they could be better so am hoping they're still changing. My surgeon said it would take 6-12 months to fully settle. I also had one boob more constricted and that one has def taken longer. Give it time girls and don't compare yours to girls that weren't tuberous beforehand. It's like comparing apples and oranges ?
  2. I have a large frame and large ribcage. I feel like 450cc look tiny on me. I think the smaller you are the bigger they look.
  3. I had mildly tuberous breasts one more so than the other. Mine have only just started to look good and I'm 4 months PO. Mine felt as though i had an empty section under my nipple at first and were still pointy for ages! My nipples sat really low at first too. They've started to get rounder now and am hoping more changes are yet to come. My lefty is settling a lot better than my right but righty was more constricted. I had almost the same surgery except I got rounds and 450cc My surgeon said to expect to wait a lot longer than most to see results and could take 6-12 months to fully settle. Feel free to look at my pics.
  4. I would definitely expect to have a consult with the actual surgeon doing my surgery! I don't see any point having one with someone else! How is your surgeon suppose to know what you want? I would most definitely be asking!!!
  5. With regards to photos set as public. Can anyone see the images or only actual members?
  6. So confusing! I don't like the no friends thing! I've set my albums to public but now I'm worried that everyone can see them and now I can't follow progress pics unless people specifically add me to their viewing list. Don't think I'm getting notifications either...
  7. Yeah definitely takes time. So hard to be patient when you look at them every day! Pre op I kept saying I wouldn't judge them until at least 6 months but I totally have lol! It helps that hubby is totally in love with them and is obsessed! Makes me feel heaps better about them!
  8. They aren't perfect like some on here but am hoping with time they'll improve. They are definitely sooooo much better than before though!!
  9. What grade tuberous are you? My surgeon never mentioned any issue with going rounds. I just wish I had of known mine were tuberous beforehand. I didn't know until consult. Luckily mine was only mild so he just had to lower my natural crease and release the constricted tissue otherwise was straight forward BA. I'm a bit over 3 months PO now and have started to really notice a difference between righty and lefty. Righty was more constricted and have noticed lefty is bigger and softer than right. My surgeon said it'll take a lot longer for the right to settle.
  10. I was mildly tuberous. Max I could go was 450cc. I wanted 500cc-550cc.
  11. I went at the end of Feb this year. Exchange rate was pretty ***** at the time.
  12. You will be fine. It gets better every day and they'll feel like a part of you in no time. Just relax and give yourself time to recover ☺
  13. I think your boobs are amazing. I wouldn't change a thing if I were you!
  14. I was told to ice for the first few days 3-4 then to use heat packs.
  15. Thanks Lolos that's actually really reassuring to read. I'm trying my hardest to just be patient but it's so hard when you look at them every day. My surgeon did say that it would take at least 6 months for them to settle.
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