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    Hobart tasmania
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    BA,BL, after losing 50kg need a finishing result to this time next year
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    Dr eddy dona 26th of May 2015
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    168cm 63kg deflated size 12b
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  1. I really don't use anything just moisturizer would that be fine I'm not really worried about my nipple lol but should I what is the worst thing that will happen? I will show some pic to show what they r like
  2. danniDD

    Lift and BA costs

    I had implants and a circumareola lift, in Sydney with Dr eddy dona his cost was $13.500 I wasnt able to get medicare rebate.
  3. I understand what u r talking about I'm hoping they can help you out with and yes it is very noticeable in your top. Now I have the same thing but really not that bad really, but I can notice mine when I wear a tight fitted top I'm 12 weeks, I went with 700cc under. my surgeon was think he might of needed to do a lollipop lift on my right, but when I woke up he didn't do it, but I did have a lift but a circumareola lift, I am sending them my pictures just to be on the safe side, I know they haven't really dropped yet
  4. danniDD


    They said my pecks was very tight so they think they will need help dropping I wear it for a few hours a day but they didn't say how long for
  5. Well I am now 11 weeks and sent pic of the surgeon and they said they haven't dropped yet so I now wearing a strap please any one who has wore one please give me some advice
  6. Hi ladies I'm 8 weeks post op I had BA and lift through the nipple am I meant to be using anything on my nipple for scarring they look fine to me but just a bit red some times can someone tell me what I should do please someone that has had the same procedure
  7. He is great but what is his reason for doing it for two operation I had mine in one operation and I went 700cc big babies
  8. I love this picture can't believe I have boobs still have a little bruise but it is going in love with my 700cc babies
  9. Here r my 700cc babies excuse my belly, tummy tuck next year lol but I so love my boobs even tho this bra is my old b cup and who would of thought I would be taking pic like these
  10. No 13.500 without private health I had it but didn't need to use it
  11. Dr Dona does both for 13.500
  12. Yes MMO...DD I'm counting down the day to your op I can't wait to see your out come
  13. yes it was one op they done the lift throw the nipple which I was excited about because of no scaring really and I pay 13.500
  14. I went straight to 700cc babe I just thought well if I'm paying this much money I'm going big or I'm going home lol and my Dr was Dr Dona from Sydney
  15. How much would it be to have implant to be removed anyway that's what I would like to know, wanted them but but think it's the wrong thing
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