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    Breast augmentation
    Round textured 390cc HP under muscle with Keller Funnel
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    Dr F U N G March 30th 2015
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    10/12A deflated, hoping for a small D
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  1. Hi all. It’s been a while since I’ve been on, I’ve had my boobs now 4 years! All going great ? I wondered what everyone’s recommendations have been for checking that your implants are ok? ie did your surgeon recommend having an MRI every couple of years or so to check they are ok, not leaking etc? What other advice if any were you given for checking them long term. Thanks
  2. Highly recommend Mr Kleid. He’s an ENT but has a large focus on cosmetic rhino. I couldn’t be happier with my results
  3. I fit into all the same clothes I already had, they just looked better! The main reason I got some new clothes is because I looked better in clothes and dresses I couldn’t really wear before, but the size was exactly the same
  4. I am 165cm tall and was 62kgs when I had my surgery, my bwd from memory was about 12cm. Difference is I was a very deflated A. I had 390cc put in and am now a D in bras but I think they look like a nice full C in reality
  5. They look great! They will drop and fluff so beautifully I can tell
  6. Don’t even listen to those experiences, they are rare. To be honest whether you could be out for dinner that night your body shouldn’t be! It needs to rest. I was a big weight junkie st the gym prior to my surgery which also meant very tight chest muscles, and initially I could really feel the struggle he just have had to get the implants in, but to be honest after a few days everything really started to relax, and yours will too. Don’t push yourself just pace yourself and rest and allow your body to heal. Overdoing it could jeopardize your healing
  7. Oh I think they’re going to look amazing, I can tell already. I can already tell how they’re going to drop nicely because they don’t seem too much stuck up high, keep us updated! The fluid will settle soon, I was similar to you, very weighted down by fluid in my whole body. Try keep moving around and it’ll start to settle. Yay for you!
  8. My children were very similar in ages to yours, my youngest was actually 15 months. I found the best way to carry him or lift him in and out of his cot was to almost hug and lift! So not using my hands to grasp him but literally putting my arms all around him and almost lifting with my whole torso. What this did was take my pecs out of the equation and my back was doing the lifting. It was manageable that’s for sure. Sometimes if he was in his cot And wanted to get out I would get him to wrap his arms around my neck, I would wrap my arms around his back, and lift, and I would feel a thing on m
  9. Don’t be too focused on the cc number...I focused closely at the actual dimensions of the implants too ie width and projection etc because I have a larger bwd and therefore the bigger implant meant wider, but to be honest I can’t imagine having gone smaller. I just had loose skin, virtually no breast tissue st all. If I was say a full A, I would have gone down to the 320s. I felt I’d be more disappointed if I finally did the surgery and went too small. Good luck so exciting! Best thing I ever did
  10. The cc is just one aspect of what makes boobs look big or small. Mine are 390cc but I literally had pancakes to start with sommy implants are literally my whole boob, and I am a D in bras but realistically look like a C in my opinion. I’m a size 8 in tops and still look smallish I think. But of course if I started as a B for example then I’d think the 390s would look massive, and if someone was much taller than me and broader then perhaps the 390 would be too small. So lots of factors to consider
  11. I didn’t have imaging at all, but went through extensive photos with my surgeon about hat look I was going for so we clearly understood each other. I never really felt the need for vectors to be honest.
  12. I always had small breasts, and whilst I always wished I had bigger ones I never planned to get implants. After me second child, they were even smaller as they completely deflated and I had just loose skin. I felt mutilated and hated them. I did it for my own self confidence...I’m not a showy person and I don’t parade them, I’ve kept it very private because I didn’t want people to think negatively about me (3yrs ago) I had my ears pinned back at 20yrs old (15 years ago). I was teased about my ears since primary school, through high school, but I never confided in my parents about it so su
  13. Just be mindful often surgeons ask you to stop taking all vitamins 2 weeks prior to surgery so vitamin C may not be an option. But I’m sure you’ll be fine by then, it’s mainly as long as you don’t have a temperature
  14. I am 58kgs and 165cms...I was smaller than you pre surgery...I was very deflated and only an A but barely. I actually had 390cc under the muscle which is mainly due to my breast width being a bit wide. But having said that, I personally couldn’t imagine having gone smaller than that. I’m texhnically a D but really implants sit differently in bras so I think I look more like a C. I’m thinking if you are a B now, then I think anything from 280/330 might be about right if you want to achieve a D. It’s hard to say really because there are so many factors to what would suit you best, but I think it
  15. Hi all, History- needed some major sinus surgery and the main part was a badly deviated septum with a bone spur completely blocking my sinus....and decided I would combine it with some rhino work since I needed quite a surgery anyway! My nose wasn’t the worst in the world and I wasn’t desperate to have it fixed, but knew one day I may have done it, so why not do it all at once! The sinus surgery was my priority so I searched for an ENT who also did facial plastic surgery and rhinoplasties. I researched extensively, and with the help of this forum and with recommendations on her
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