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    Yanhee Hospital, Bangkok Thailand
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    After having twins and subsequently losing about 30kg, I have now just had a tummy tuck, liposuction to waist/hip and a breast lift/reduction (one side) in Bangkok at Yanhee Hospital with Dr Pramote. Extremely thrilled with results. I was flirting with the idea of breast implants but actually I don't feel like I need them after my breast lift.
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    Dr Pramote - Yanhee Hospital - August 31st 2012
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  1. I'm really sorry it didn't work out for you. What can you do now? Can they be corrected?
  2. oh my god you went in for a lift and got breast implants? That's terrible. Was the lift discussed in the consultation? Did you go through an agency? I didn't get implants - only a breast lift and a reduction on one side. I am now a D cup but will probably end up a C cup after i lose a little more weight. What did the doctor say after the surgery? When I went to yanhee and filled out all the paperwork they had to write down everything they were doing. and I signed that consent form which had all the details of the surgery i was having. Did you sign a consent form for the lift only?
  3. As you can see, it's not perfect but it's so much better than it was.
  4. Hi I am really sorry to hear that you are not happy with your results. What happened? Regards Francoise Will upload a recent pic now
  5. I had a three hour wait between initial consultation and surgery but they move fast in Bangkok hospitals
  6. Hi I recently had a breast lift no implants. I didn't have that much swelling. No fluid and no drains. I was surprised I didn't have drains and I had a tummy tuck without drains as well. I bought a special bra from the hospital with a front closure. Very comfy. No compression bar. I bought two of those which I used for the first month. After that I went to a t shirt bra from bras and things with no underwire (removable underwire). About once a week I've been wearing a sport bra with underwire and it's been fine. I had surgery Aug 31st. My doc said to wear no underwire for 3 months. I think all doctors are different though in their recommendations. I showered (properly) about 3 weeks post op. My wounds were all healed and closed after about 3 weeks. My doc also said to keep the steri strips on the wounds as long as possible: better for the scar they say. Unfortunately my right nipple is still numb but they say it can takes months (if at all) for the feeling to return. I had a tummy tuck/breast lift/breast reduction and lipo on waist/hip area. Best thing I've ever done! Hope all goes well for you
  7. My GP was very supportive when I told him (in Brisbane). He spoke highly of Thai hospitals - and said I would be in good hands. GP will be surprised when I see him next though as it's been a while since I've seen him.
  8. Hi all. I've recently had a breast lift and reduction (on right side). On my right side the nipple is numb. I'm just wondering whether anyone has experienced this and whether the feeling eventually came back. I love my new breasts, and the numb nipple I guess is not the end of the world. Still got one functional one left
  9. sorry to hear you arent happy with your results so far supermummy. If you want to add photos, go into your profile, and then'about me'. You should be able to create an album there and upload photos. my bellybutton, while not infected, is going to need a revision next year. i'm not happy with it. it was stretched out during a twin pregnancy so it's quite long instead of round. I didnt even think to ask about getting this sorted during the tummy tuck..i just assumed it would be dealt with. turns out it's a separate surgery. ggrr. looking forward to seeing your photos. re your recent tummy tuck, where did you get it done, are you still bandaged? are you in pain?
  10. Just uploaded pics to my album. You don't need to be a 'friend' to see as it's a public album) Scarring to be expected I suppose.
  11. In that case, as you will be taking hubby and child, I'd book everything yourself. Try tripadvisor.com for recommendations on where to stay. I have found that site to be fantastic. All you really need to organise is your accommodation in Phuket, and transfers to and from the airport. Many people don't know this, but often the hospital will include transfers as part of the package, so make sure you ask when you make your appointment. Otherwise, book your own transfers. You can get taxis easily enough once you're in Phuket. Just make sure they are metered taxis. NO METER NO TAXI is what you say, because given half the chance, some of these dodgy taxis will rip you off as much as they can. Or, make sure you get your hotel to organise taxis for you. Always insist on a metered taxi. please dont be nervous about getting multiple procedures. It's absolutely the best thing ive ever done for myself ever. I truly believe that. Glad I did it all at once. The pain was bad at times, but then you get some strong pain killers at the chemist (I lived on the strongest Tramadol tablets 50mg for 2 weeks - buy that over the counter there) It may seem like a huge thing to do, but seriously you will never regret getting those procedures done at the same time. I've had basically 4 procedures done - i think my surgery was 5 hours long. 200% worth the pain and discomfort. I stayed in hospital for 4 nights, and was offered another 2 nights in if I wanted, but I decided i'd rather be back at the hotel with the rest of the group. It was tough going, the first week. Let me put it this way: I tried a couple of days after I was discharged to walk to the corner 7-11. It's only a 5 min walk away from the hotel. I didn't even get half way before I had to go back. It was really really tough because you have to walk with a hunch and your back gets really sore. I tried again the next day and got to the 7-11, but it was also a struggle. Then I got some decent pain relief and that made all the difference. After about 6-10 days post op I could venture further to do sightseeing /shopping but it was still difficult at times and many times i felt like i had overdone it. As my back gradually straightened up, things got much better. Especially because you're not supposed to lie flat when you sleep, you're supposed to sleep in a kind of vshape with your back at an angle to not put pressure on the wound. After my final consultation with the doc he recommended i sleep on my side and then after that my recovery was quite fast. I had lipo on my waist/hip area, both sides. That was the most painful part of all my surgeries - but honestly worth the pain. I would do it again. Pain relief is key. Make sure you ask for the good stuff and if not, get the good stuff over the counter when you get discharged from hospital. Get husband to organise that for you before you get out of hospital. Hope this helps
  12. I went to Bras n Things (Carindale)recently to get bras for post-breast lift surgery and found them very helpful. I ended up buying a tshirt bra with removable underwires and they have been very comfortable and supportive.
  13. HI I just got back from a Mummy Makeover in Bangkok through Yanhee Hospital in Bangkok and Destination Beauty (Sept Group Tour). I know you want to go to Phuket, but next time I go for surgery (thinking of perhaps getting another procedure done next year), I would go to Yanhee and recover in Phuket. Was my idea anyway. ON Aug 31st I had a breast lift/breast reduction, tummy tuck and lipo. I cannot rave about Yanhee enough; was a fantastic experience. Could not fault the hospital. They put me at ease straight away with their cleanliness, efficiency and staff. I would definitely recommending getting multiple procedures done at the same time; it's a hard recovery but now I'm 4 weeks post op I feel almost back to normal. With the right pain relief, you'll be fine. I went on the September Group Tour with Destination Beauty. If you search for Destination Beauty on the forums, or look at my previous posts, you'll see that I definitely recommend DB if you want to go on a group tour. Being with the others on the tour was an absolute life saver, met some great girls and we were there to support each other. I would have felt quite alone otherwise. Also, in my experience, the girls who used DB on an individual arrangement were NOWHERE near as satisfied as those on the group tour. I enjoyed the group tour, and have no regrets with going with them as I was travelling alone and needed that support and contact with others after major surgery and being in a foreign country. Next time I go I could probably organise thing myself for a cheaper price but I'd still consider going on a group tour as it makes things easier - you get picked up and taken everywhere - there's someone to call if you need help - you meet meet a group of girls doing the same thing - in other words - more fun than travelling on your own. I cant recommend a doctor in Phuket, but I was thrilled with my results and extremely satisfied with my choice of doctor in Bangkok. He was extremely professional, did an amazing job and I couldnt be happier. Dr Pramote - Yanhee I hope this helps. Any other questions, please ask. It's still all very fresh in my mind!
  14. Hi Janeelie! So happy for you with your upcoming surgery. You will never regret it I'm positive of that! I weighed 72kg before surgery, and I weigh 72kg now. (but have been indulging in wine and good food lately ah you only life once). Technically i should have lost weight right! I am 5'5. Thanks recovery is going really well. Yesterday some more steristrips came off and I can now see my nipples properly. Will post some more photos when they are all off. Gotta go but I hope all goes well for you R
  15. Hi, I havent had implants, but I did recently have a tummy tuck, breast lift, breast reduction in one breast, and liposuction at the same time. Yes, the recovery is hard, but with the right pain relief, you'll get through it. IN thailand I mainly survived on morphine type medication for about 2 weeks. Panadol is just not going to cut it believe me. (That's what I was discharged from the hospital with). I had to get some better stuff over the counter and thankfully in thailand you can buy pretty much anything over the counter. I would definitely recommend getting multiple surgeries done at the same time. It was hard recovery but nothing I couldnt handle, and I didn't have anyone with me in my hotel room (I was on a group tour with destination beauty though and that was a life saver - especially being able to get support and help from the others in the group).
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