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  1. Husband . Def take someone . Have your list of questions ready and discuss everything with the person you take with you so they can ask questions if you forget anything.
  2. you have to have proof of surgery date in order to request to be added to the group as the group have strict privacy rules.
  3. Hi Meren . My stats are similar to yours though I am shorter 168 cm and 57 kgs with A BWD of 13.5 . My before pics are very similar to you also . I went with 450 cc HP which took me from a B to a F cup . I have FR you so you can look at my pics . 520 and 560cc are going to give you big big boobies . There are lots of opinions here that will tell you that's not big but for me I wouldn't have wanted any bigger . If you want big boobies then go your max . If you want to be in proportion then just be very clear with your surgeon about what YOU want . Good luck . ?
  4. Wow they are going to look amazing . Wish I lived in Queensland . thanks for sharing
  5. I think it's such a huge decision that getting more than one consult is advisable , as many as you see fit. There are many surgeons that only do one particular implant, for example TCI and I know they have turned people down because they think they are not a good candidate. Best advice is research research and then research more . It is easy to go for the cheapest option but really I guess you have to trust your instincts .
  6. Not assuming anything but what a name , seriously Konrat .....(con rat ) I would change my name . I know it is most likely pronounced differently but still not a good name for any businessbusiness . Sorry just thought it was funny haha.
  7. I was / am very lean also . You could even see the bones on my chest with very little tissue I went under the muscle as advised. I don't have the before photos to show but I can tell you going under the muscle has plumped up my chest area nicely . There was a risk that you would see the implants as I am lean my surgeon said if that happens just put on a kg or two. Lucky for gym junkie me it all worked out and I didn't have put on weight to cover the implants . I think proper placement from a good surgeon helps.
  8. Yes completely normal mine were super sensitive for around 7 months . Sorry probably not what you want to hear . Bear in mind everyone is different but it is normal . Also when you go into the supermarket like the freezer section you may feel like you have ice packs in your boobs, also normal .it does go away Haha but yeah just some of the quirky little things that come with implants ?
  9. Can never do too much research or get too many opinions even though they vary . OMG did my head in I was researching right up to 20 minutes before I went into my surgery . Best of luck babe ! I'm sure you will be so happy with your final result you have to trust and have faith , your in good hands ?
  10. If you go down a band size eg 10 you go up a cup size so 12 E would be a 10 F If you go up a band size say 14 you would go down in a cup size , eg 12E = 14 DD hope this makes sense . This is a general guide as different brands and styles may vary . There was a really good post here somewhere explaining it in detail . Here it is it's all in ......sister sizing
  11. Last pic is at 9 months . No weight gain and no bra size change either but this gives you an idea that they do change . So your gap will most likely close up. Hence why I guess they call it drop and fluff ?
  12. You are still really early on they are going to change so much more yet . I will try to pull up some old pics of me you will see how the gap will fill out more and they will plump up some much more between now and 12 months . That's why they say wait 12 months . You are still really early on they are going to change so much more yet . I will try to pull up some old pics of me you will see how the gap will fill out more and they will plump up some much more between now and 12 months . That's why they say wait 12 months . That's a comparison from 3 months to 6 months
  13. I just wanted boobs to fill out a dress without a padded bra and to go braless in clothes if I want. I took in my best push up super padded wonder bra which gave me a bust measurement of 91cm . I told him that's the size I want . 450 cc HP gave me the exact outcome . I wear a10 F . I kind of had DD /E in mind though I wasn't focused on cup size and didn't talk cup size at my consult as I know it's so different with implants and natural boobs . Im very happy with my size and wouldn't want any smaller at the same time I wouldn't think any bigger would suit me. My boobs were way bigger when I was breast feeding (112cm) and I didn't like it so I knew I didn't want to be that big again . I suggest trying an extreme boost bra from Big W (that's what I used to wear ) Do the measurements and try on clothes to get an idea of what size you are after and what suits you then when you go to your consult you can do the comparison. That's how I figured out the size I wanted.
  14. Why is there an almost expectation that people have to tell family and friends about personal information ? Would I man feel like he has to tell his parents or friends if he had a penis enlargement ? Hell NO! Are men different ? Sure I didn't tell my family , still none of them know and I have no intention of telling any of them . If friends are upfront to ask me I'm not going to lie and will tell them as I have nothing to be ashamed about I just think it's such a personal thing I didn't go telling people I had my hemariods done so why would I tell them about my BA. Do what ever makes you happy ?
  15. I didn't have my hubby come to previous consults but once I made a decision on mu surgeon I took him along only for support though . I made it clear to him I wanted moral support and guidance but basically don't give me too much advice . If I want your opinion I'll ask for it , but otherwise just sit there , smile and nod . To be honest he was just a back up . I gave him my list of questions and told him to jump on in if I'd forgot t ask anything . He was great . Do what you feel comfortable with and right for you . At the end of the day your BA is to please you no one else . Xx
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