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  1. Nuance implants gave me great 'side boobs'..... They are definitely an unusual implant that wouldn't suit most.... But for my rib cage size they worked best with what I've got. Before my muscles really relaxed the implants looked unnatural when I lifted my arms.... But who lifts their arms up in the air when they're stark naked? And they look more natural now.... So if Nuance is recommended by a surgeon you trust..... Follow his advice.... Good luck Alice

  2. Hi all.... Sorry I've been too busy to visit the forum. My results are 13 months old now & I love them. Yes.... The brazillians DO take a year to see full results. But lovely & soft now (but firm) My scars are not brilliant but I think that's because I'm older & took ages & ages for even the scabs to come off. Ill try to put new pics up in a few weeks. But the size & shape are lovely for me. I would use Szalay all over again! Cheers Alice

  3. Hi Girls I was shooting for a full C cup... which in retrospect would have seemed too small for my body shape (wide hips). I had talked to my PS about having side boobs and something in the middle..... He put the oval shaped base anatomical in me, with XHP 305cc. That was the biggest I could fit and I was prepared to accept whatever I ended up with as a final size.... well it turns out, Im now a 10DD. Im blown away... and very pleased. They suits me so well and look amazing under fitted tee shirts.. Im so so so glad I had a boob job. hahahaha ALICE
  4. Hi DSforme Dr Szalay did my Braz boobs for $8400.... There were 3 post op visits, which are all finished now. Im very happy with the results... and they seem to be getting better and better... woo hoo!! 5 days post op I was worried about wound infection.... Dr Szalay is available on mobile 24 hours after surgery and took my concerns seriously enough to meet me at the surgery on a Sunday night.... I was so pleased.... I think the price difference is just incidental... not related to anything significant, they just both charge a little differently for their services. Picking a surgeon you instinctively trust is important.... go with your heart instinct even more than the dollars .... Szalay's price really attracted me, but I was prepared to pay more if I had to. IN the end I went with Szalay because he was prepared to put the largest implant in me at minimal risk. One surgeon was prepared to drop my crease 2cm for a bigger which had me worried, cos it carries risks of dropping..... One surgeon was SO conservative that he refused to drop my crease AT ALL and didn't have the right implants in the office to 'try on'..... BUT Mike made a lot of sense when we talked about minimising risk but maximising benefit.... In the end, they are both good at their work..... So perhaps go with your heart.... Alice....
  5. HI there.... I was an A cup and only got 305cc anatomicals in XHP.... Im also measuring a 10D/DD... and they still have more fluffing to go, especially in between the breasts... my right one has 'let go' first... the lefty is still a bit tight.... So yeah.... look forward to a lovely full bust... Congrats Alice
  6. I'm so excited for you.... It's amazing. You will love it. The first 5-10 days are a bit rough but it's soooo worth it... And remember not to panic when you first see them cos they don't look their best in the first few weeks... Hehe. Enjoy the boobie journey Alice

  7. Ps... The projection I got in the Silimed was 5cm.
  8. Hi there Yes. I have XHP anatomicals. Mine have the oval shaped based do the come into the middle as much as we could get them. I'm small like you 166cm 53 kg... Glad my surgeon gave me XHP IN THESE cos I wasn't allowed really big implants, so the extra profile helps .... Front on I look very natural ... Side on its like "holy cow!!" See my pics. I have to update them cos the shape has 'relaxed' more.... So I was a skinny ratty A cup with droopy nipples ... They sit up nicely now... And yesterday I was measured for a 10D... But I found only the 10DD covered that 'extra height/projection' That's me... I think in anatomicals the extra projection gives you a bit of extra oomph I hope that helps... Alice
  9. I have a zip up front surgical compression bra if you want it. Size L will fit small to medium implants or C cup post op. I only wore it 5 days. Alice.
  10. Hi girls... I think I'm experiencing a bit of 'inner' fluff... Oh... Haha... I do mean the area center breasts. Had my last consult with dr a few days ago... I took photos off his computer of my before pictures.... Wow they look so sad! And bad! I can't wait to add mt beforehand to my profile, might get a few tears! Thats all. Alice
  11. Hi I've had IPL with 'oi' on tummy, Brazilian, lip & chin. I thought 6 treatments would be enough but some hairs are stubborn .... ESP the inner labia. And those bits HURT ALOT!!! So perhaps laser is better. I'll need at least 2 more treatments to kill it all... Good luck... Alice
  12. Hi Girls I put bandaids over my nipples... it worked a treat!! Yes, its normal to feel very sensitive. Take care Alice
  13. OOOHHH....that made me laugh out loud! Love it!
  14. oohh it all just makes me smile. Im not in E territory.... but when i fluff more (geeez that always reminds me of farting.... lol.... sorry) it would be amazing to fill in a D cup. Ive tried on 10C and its very very full.... when I try on a 10D, my boobies dont fill in the centre part really well.... I have Brazillians... do ya reckon i'l 'fluff' in the middle? LOl! Oh I really should be cooking dinner right now.... but its great to pop into the forum in the arvos and see where the chat is at. I still can't believe I actually went and got a boob job!! Ok sorry...... just a bit of self debriefing there... IN February 2012 I said I wouldn't do it.... in June I was getting cut open..... ok sorry again..... Id better hit the kitchen with a glass of red.
  15. Hi Telgan ONe of the best ways to alleviate anxiety with your consultations is to have a few of them with different surgeons. I had a consult with Stradwick, he was great.... but it was great to compare his notes and opinions with 2 other surgeons. This will help your journey.... esp if they say similar things.... Warm Regards Alice
  16. Hi BCYLOU I was there 1.5 hours or so before surgery.... the surgery took an hour and I was walking out the door (without even realising it) about 1.5 - 2 hours after that..... I used a cosmetic surgeon who uses his own facilities... so it might have been faster.... But Id say a 4-5 hour turn around time for me. I was COMPLETELY out of it (a real space cadet) when I was in recovery and left the surgery.... my girlfriend who looked after me for the first 24 hours said I was hilarious!!!! Ask your PS.... 2 weeks to go is pretty exciting.... enjoy the journey Cheers Alice
  17. Hi there I went as big as most surgeons would put in me, which was only 305 cc in a tear drop. I might have gone bigger if I was prepared to lower the fold 2 cm in a smooth, but would have had to wear a BRA all time for the rest of my life and risk dropping... the implants look small in me, under muscle. I love them, they are better than what I had... BUT if my body could have taken bigger implants I would have shot for at least 350cc..... If they are the right shape and positioned well for your chest wall and dimensions... a bigger implant should look amazing. Its up to you.... but if your gut reaction is to go bigger... do it The worst that could happen is that you NEVER wear a padded bra ever again.... hahahahaha! Maybe there's no such thing as BOOBIE GREED.... just BOOBIE APPRECIATION.... LOVE ALICE
  18. Hi Miss Magneta I just wanted to say how sorry i am for your disappointment. I will be thinking of you in the coming weeks as you try to resolve things... in the meantime, you will have alot of support in here. Alice.
  19. oh... this is great.... before you know it, we'll have an australia wide free supply of post op bras going everywhere.... the PS's will wonder why nobody buys any more... LOL !!!! "Sisters are doing it for themselves...."
  20. Hi Girls Remember the movie "Sisterhood of the travelling pants" ? Well this idea may not appeal to some.... but I have a size L Bodyform Surgical Bra with zip up front, to give away. Id rather post it off to someone in here than sell it or keep the ugly thing.... a gift. I only wore it for 5 days.... Some of you will get one as a part of your 'package deal'... but if not, heres a freebee. It think it would suit post op results of roughly a large C, but no more unless you need to be squished. It could be 'passed around' until it was deemed unfit for service. Just a thought. Alice[ATTACH]2858[/ATTACH]
  21. Hi girls I've just started massaging my scars several tines a day with Bio oil. The ends closest to the middle of my chest have a bit of 'harder' scar tissue underneath. I'm massaging them extra. Anyone else with thoughts or experience in massaging your scars. Cheers ALICE
  22. Thank you. Wonderful pics. Does this principle work in part for furry Braz? Alice.
  23. Holy torpedoes batman! That is very 'smileable'. I've only done a tiny bit of bra research and was about a 10D or 12C. They look small front on but side on they stick out so much that that's what takes up the extra room.... Oooh I can't wait for them to get squishier.... But anyway, your reply made me smile Bunnykins. Good on you!
  24. Hi there... Your pictures look good. They change shape all the time.... And final results aren't really for at least 3 months so hang in there. My fold was lowered 1cm. No crease... But I didn't hVe much of a crease to start with. It may take a bit for the tissue to push out. Your boobs are coming along nicely... Stay patient. Xx
  25. Hi Girls... Yes 5.5 weels post op and Ive started side sleeping too. It feels strange... they are kinda in the way.... I'VE NEVER HAD BOOBS BEFORE.... WOO HOO.... But yeah they start to feel like they are going to move somewhere that they shouldn't so I keep moving. I know they won't move, but it still all freaks me out a little... Cheers ALICE
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