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  1. Alwayshavefaith funny you mentioned this. Ive lost weight too after my revision. Not complaing though. Never gained weight after my first BA either. I have an over active thyroid though and when I get it excited/stressed my heart rate speeds my metabolism causing me to lose weight. But my levels go back to normal all the time too.
  2. We get so excited I think we miss a few things hahaa
  3. Mrsalwaysright I thought I had textured implants for 5 years. It was only that dr Boonchai showed me my old implants after surgery and they were smooth lol.. I have textured now though.
  4. Hello my april boobie sisters. Im glad to hear your doing great and the boobs are being fantastic. Hope everyone else is doing awsome too. 6.5weeks here. Have found bra shopping not so much fun. I am a 10 G but have to have the straps sewn tighter. But cant go down to an 8G as it doesnt fit accross the back. And well 10FF the cup was too small. My bras have to be a certain shape too otherwise the wire digs into my cleavage area. ( they moved back together even though Dr Boonchai stitched in a gap
  5. That is awsome MrsAlwaysRight. Gotta love a good deal!
  6. Im glad you are happy again primed. I bet hubby is stoked too
  7. Awwww dang it ab1990. That is not good, I wonder what the hell it is?!? Sending you lots of hugs and kisses. Hope you feel better soon Xo
  8. Ab1990 I hope everything is ok and your ok. X So Im 4 weeks today. This morning the tatas have changed projection wise. Definitely alot more rounder and plumper lol. This must have been why I was so darn itchy as the skin stretched. Massage has helped heaps too. They feel softer and more movable if you know what I mean. Anyway I have updated pics for my 4 week mark. And the bra Im in is 10G which I will have to get fitted again as it has become to tight. Luckily I only purchased a couple as I was told they will go through some changes. Hope my fellow april dolls are doing awsome xo
  9. Ab1990 goodluck today. Hopefully they get to the bottom of it and can help you feel better asap. Xo
  10. MinnieMouse Im so glad your recovery has gone so smooth
  11. You could be right. It was a 7 seater and I had to cart my family back and forth from school, shops, sports as well as go to work. We have the trax now so it's no super flash car. But it cost me $50 a week to fill and my services are capped at $150. Cant complain with that
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