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  1. I’m on the other side ladies- revision went well and dr said all went well- the high profiles fixed most sagging issues I had and he just tightened underneath the breast crease - they are still swollen but the pain is only 20% of what I had last time! They really don’t look any bigger just fuller I know they still have to fluff but I am really happy with them already. I’ll send through photos when I get home from docs. So glad that he did all these revisions and new implants for free- amazing patient care when u spend so much is so great to have. Will update soon xx
  2. Well girls I am one happy happy girl- saw dr stradwick today and he has agreed that the best outcome for me and what I want would be 475cc high profile implants and he is also going to do a scar revision and just give them a bit more lift as well. Super excited I'm booked in for the 30th of October at 7am first cab of the rank for the day!! It's only going to cost me the $250 excess as well so I'm super stoked he has treated me so well I know we spend a lot to do this so I'm glad he is looking after me. i will do some before photos soon and then after photos once I have new boobies!!! im not going to tell anyone except u guys and my hubby cause I don't want all the comments to go with it like why they look fine blah blah blah we all know what we want and I'm ready to go under again ??
  3. Hope u get better and get the revision- going to try my hardest!!! ?
  4. @Honeycakes hello long time no speak! I have my surgery apt next month in September and then booked in for the 30th oct for revision- haven't really thought about my girls in a while not looking forward to the pain again but hey being on the other side I know it doesn't really last that long- will keep yas updated pushing for hp
  5. My revision is now set for 30th October - I accepted a job in march so it postponed my surgery date till I could take annual leave and have the revision I need and also I'm really thinking of pushing high profile implants this time.
  6. I currently have 345cc mod round implants @Yollie. I will have to post some new photos it has been a while. I'm really thinking I want high profile I wouldn't want anymore than 400cc I don't know what he will let me have - can't wait to find out! I'll post some pics today
  7. Thanks @Yollie I am so happy that he is willing to discuss going bigger. I am glad that he is doing the revisions I want and I know that he wants me to be happy in the end now to research and see what I want and why I want it so I can make an informed decision. Also the revision will only cost me my hospital cover which is $250.
  8. @Chinchilla I got a call today from drs office that he wants to see me in April a month before revision to discuss my options of going bigger eek yay so happy!!! I think he was just saying the heavier they are the quicker they sag but he also likes natural looking ones that are small.
  9. I had mine done with dr luke stradwick on the Gold Coast . I had breast lift / reduction and because I had kids under 8 Medicare and health fund covered the lift bit and I paid for the implants section of the surgery. I went 345cc mod profile textured implants and my cost was about 13k then I got about 1650 from Medicare and then will get some more back at tax time. Just had my 3 month review and one implant hasn't dropped he listened to my worries (want higher lift) and things that I wanted improved and had rescheduled a revision for early may/June out of pocket expense will be my hospital cover excess fee and that is it. He is great and know he only has my best interest at heart he won't give you anything that won't be natural or make you sag quickly. Hope this helps!
  10. Ok I had my dr appointment today and discussed my improvements that I wanted he said that he doesn't want to give me any other size implants or give my high profile implants ? He did say that he will need to a revision to lower implant that is high and give me more of a lift on both sides and he said this will give me more of the shape that I want. I'm happy that I have a revision but soooo want bigger implants and he will be doing the revision so why not the implants..... I am going to ask again there is no harm in asking. So may/June for revision at this stage- excited to have revision but still a little bummed he wasn't happy about going hp
  11. I feel like I wrote the above post. Dont get me wrong I love them and have nicer boobs that the ones I had before but I think that they look flat and dont look big in anything. I have an appointment wit dr on the 8th feb so if my high one doesnt go down and they need a revision I will get new implants - I am kind of hoping that I need a revision as I can justify getting new implants. My husband totally understands and thinks the same as I do they they still look a little flat. I will let you know what dr says after appointment. so glad I can talk to you girls about this as no one really understands like you guys do!
  12. I am the same I have one way higher than the other which makes one look saggy still with top off but when I'm wearing swimmers etc they look fine. Nurse said to wait and see if they drop I'll wait till my 3 month appointment and see what doc has to say. All in all I love them but wish I had a higher lift and high profile implants instead of round as it looks like I don't have my boobs done most of the time and I wanted a little more cleavage. Hope all is well xx
  13. Amazing they look so good!!!
  14. I was 6 weeks yesterday. It was really the first day I felt 100% like I could do pretty much anything with no pain. I still have a little morning boob but nothing much. I have had my right nipple play up a bit and increase healing time but I'm nearly there. I got 345cc mod profile and have had a little boob greed and thought I should have gone 380 or high profile but still loving having boobs where they should be on my chest- can't wait to show them off officially at a party this weekend. cant believe they are mine!! (Even tho I want bigger) something's I wear make them pop and others I look normal and feel bummed a little- but hubby is pleased
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