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  1. Hi ladies! Im exactly 1 yr post op yay! ? love my girls but have had pain in the right breast on and off since surgery. I had replacement implants and never had pain like this the first time... it can be good for weeks then it feels like it has bruising on the inside near my cleavage, sometimes it can be a shooting pain like a knife stuck in me. This can last for days, somwtimes is worse after play time with hubby ? and hes not rough.. breast is nice and soft and no visable signs of bruising or anything. . Do you think its still nerves recovering or the start of CC? I did have CC in both breasts after having the implants in for 17yrs?? My Dr is over 3 hour drive so cant just pop in and see him. I did e mail him months ago and was told it should settle by itself but im worried that its getting more frequent... any ideas? TIA☺
  2. I have XHP 365cc and waer a 100DD bra now I have before and after pic up too I used to be 10C with the rounds
  3. HI I have had both and I would never have the round again... Love my new teardrop boobies... The round always looked like they were bolted on to my chest. BUT it is a personal choice and not one to be made lightly.. do your research into both.. Both can look natural I just prefer the teardrop myself Good Luck!
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    Hi I have 365 XHP anatomicals under the muscle and im now a 10DD 6 months post op was a 10c with old implants. I am 56kg and around 5'7, I personally think mine are now too big but I am also in my 40's and have found some style of tops and dresses im no longer comfortable wearing Good Luck with your OP and recovery
  5. Hi All,, I posted a few weeks ago as I had burning pain in both breasts.. this has stopped but I have very sore feeling like bruising to touch with out there being a visable bruise ( hope that makes sense). My Dr said nothing to worry about and should settle and so did the DRs on here BUT this cant be normal or nothing to worry about? I had CC with my last implants but that developed after about 15 yrs so I don't think this is the problem they haven't changed in look at all. Not sure if they may be D & F some more? my first BA I didn't have anything like this... These Implants are under the muscle and the others were over so maybe its still the nerves regenerating.. I just wonder if anyone has experienced this as well or any advise. Normal sleep is a thing of the past
  6. My surgeon hasn't replied... I guess he thinks not his problem anymore!! . I haven't had the pain today which is weird... maybe I just strained myself...
  7. Thanks pain has moved to both breastfeeding now so will contact Dr this morning hoping I've just strained myself but I haven't done anything to do so
  8. Hi All... its been 4.5 months since my BA replacement and everything has been going fine until last week I started to get a small burning pain occasionally in my right breast inside bottom of my cleavage. its not near my scar but the pain has been getting worse pretty much there all the time and wakes me at night now and im not sure if its nerves a strain or something else..... there is no visable sign of anything like a bruise or redness I did have capsular contracture with my last BA. Really hoping its not the start of CC Anyone have the same thing or any ideas???? I live 3 hours from my surgeon so cant just pop in to see him TIA
  9. HI Im 43 had my first BA at 25 and my revision in Feb 3 beautiful kids
  10. I have 365 and wearing 10 DD
  11. shazzy

    Dr ****

    I had Dr **** do my replacement surgery in feb 9 weeks ago LOVING my results... I did end up bigger than planned but am very happy with it all now
  12. Hi Niki5..... I had replacement surgery with Dr **** in feb had my 17 yr old rounds replaced with 365 teardrop. I am very happy with my results but if I had to do again I would get a consult with a few drs CS and Ps... I had a PS do my first operation and I am much happier with this operation . Not sure if Dr **** does the larger implants.... Good Luck
  13. Hi I have had rounds and now have teardrop Im so happy with the teardrop, but its a personal choice on what you want to look like.. im loving the new shape I have now very natural im nearly 7 weeks post op Before I felt like they were so fake and just stuck to my chest good luck!
  14. i got my PO bra from Myers might be able to buy at Bras n Things too
  15. **** I had my replacement done with Dr **** 4 weeks ago.. heading back this week for my 1 month post op! loving my new shape... was a little worries just after surgery but all good now Doris is amazing! I have never met anyone like her she makes the whole experience great! Pain is different for everyone mine wasn't too bad most days although I cant have codine or endone so didn't have the real good drugs for pain but managed fine. haven't been measured yet but thinking im definetly a D .. DD. only wanted a Full C but im happy. I got 365 XHP teardrop dual plane and had 330 rounds replaced..
  16. i have 4 and im giving it 6 months before I get back on just to make sure everything is settled.....
  17. HI Berli have a good post of bra I bought mine at myers.. I have a carefix anna as well very comfy but I need a size bigger lol
  18. Hi Gstar My Daughter has bad breast asymmetry one was an A cup and the other C cup I took her to TCI and she was 18.. She had her surgery with DR Tang and is now a E cup not that she wanted to be that big lol I did advise her to pick smaller implants but it was her choice in the end.. However she is still suffering from the asymmetry from the larger breast growing again this happened about 6 months after her op. even though she had different size implants put in... Totally understand how your feeling. I hope you have a good support base to help you through this journey.. wishing you all the best!
  19. HI! im over 40 myself and have had round implants for 17yrs and just replaced with teardrop... I am loving the way my breasts look now! I was never really happy with the way the rounds looked on me, didn't look natural at all I always thought they looked just like they were stuck there. I also got CC in both breasts and that was another reason I chose the teardrop this time. also my surgeon recommended them for my age and the look I was after. It is a personal choice though some girls like the big round fake look and that's great too! but for me im so glad I went with the teardrop this time round Good luck with your decision
  20. im a size 8-10 normally
  21. well ladies I am wearing the small that I bought lol they do stretch.. think the medium would be a better fit though
  22. I spent $5000 17yrs ago on my first BA in Melbourne and just spend $7400 different Dr but again in Melbourne. I hope this will be my last surgery as im now in my 40's lol
  23. im doing Europe in November 12 countries in 26 days total cost before spending money $5000 each that's flights and tour.... although will be winter that time of year im super excited
  24. Hi I got 365 XHP teardrops 3 weeks ago and loving the shape. I had replacement implants from 330 rounds and hated the look of the rounds. although waited 17yrs to replace them. I had some sagging skin from the old implants but this is starting to fill up nicely. I was hoping to stay the same size as before C cup and just look more natural. loving the new shape and hoping the size shrinks a little lol
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