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    BA, BL, reduction in left to correct asymmetry and areola reduction - 280cc and 320cc HP round
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    DR Mark Ashton January 7th 2016 yay
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    168cm, 60kg, 12Dleft 12Cright
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  1. Hi ladies!!! I had some reconstruction surgery on 2016. Reduction lift and implants, at the time not putting the implants in wasn’t a choice in my mind as I’ve always had large boobs but I’ve really felt the last year that I would be happy with smaller boobs now and Want them out. My question is what are people’s experience who has previously had a lift and implants then got the implants out.. have they had to be relifted? I’m concerned the cost will be crazy high? Can Anyone she’s any light? Thanks xxx
  2. I had a lift also and I found mine dropped very early, prob the same as you, around two weeks, im nearly a year post op and they haven't gone saggy at all... they are great and very natural looking. Mine never sat extremely high either or looked square I also had small implants as well...
  3. I just got a jets one piece and the boobs look amazing in them! They have plenty to choose from also
  4. Thanks ladies... nice to see others feel like me... the more I do them the less weird they do feel... also maybe because i must be so weak there again its hard! haha.
  5. Hi @george86 I had a BA and BL with Mark Ashton, couldnt recommend him highly enough! hes a miracle worker, i have some pics if you would like to friend me, although they are super old, im 5mths post op now...good luck!
  6. Hey ladies, mine also wasnt a straightforward Bl and BA and i also had a reduction in one breast, mine cost 15200 all up and i did get some back from medicare and health insurance (not much tho) .... 28k to me sounds super excessive considering the surgeon i went with some ladies say he is the most expensive in melb lol i honestly found him reasonable
  7. hey ladies, when did all you lovely ladies with unders start doing proper pushups again... im 5 mths post op and still when i do push ups it feels like they are going to pop out lol... my surgeon says not to push myself if i have that feeling but just curious as to when people started not feeling that tight/pulling/popping out feeling! thanks x
  8. I should also add I haven't used any creams or anything greatly, when I remember I put bio oil on but its very rare lol, my c sect scar healed so good so I haven't been too concerned and my PS said my breasts would heal even better
  9. ive had a BA and BL... I think my scarring is fab for 3 mths post op, if you send me a private message I can send you some pics if you like? I also had asymmetry so ive had a reduction on the left also, then implants, lift and areola reduction.... 290 and 320HP under the muscle, I started off with deflated D and C cup.... haha yes milk boobs are so lovely!!!! mine were great then too then they went so bad after my second bubs.... anyway happy to show
  10. Hi @Ren77u can friend me i have pics, im 3 mths post op now and im very lazy i havent put any pics up in ages haha, i was severe (2 cup sizes difference) had a lift and reduction in larger one then two different sized implants 290 and 320 i also had areola reduction and obviously my nipples were moved... couldnt be happier i am over the moon with my results!!!!!!! i did have private health and got about 1500 back through medicare and private health, not great but better than nothing
  11. I was a 12C roughly before my BA (had asymmetry and got a reduction in my bigger boob) and got 290 and 320HP and now a 12E 3 mths post op And mine also are very squishy and look very natural. No one even knows I had anything done. It's the best!
  12. i had a consult with both Niamh and natalie (at the same time) as i kinda thought i wanted a female surgeon as i was really embarrassed with the look of my breasts, but ended up going with mark ashton who spoke very highly about Niamh to myself, i felt so much more comfortable with mark so if i were you just go with whoever you feel most comfortable after you meet and speak to them good luck!!!
  13. thans @Lucky Cat yeh i thought it was 6 weeks, i havent worn one yet tho, i actually need to go bbuy some as none of my old ones fit.. im really happy just wearing my crops tops they are so comfy, i went out on the weekend first time ever in my whole ife braless!!!!!! i was kinda uncomfortable as it was so foreign to me but my boobs looked great haha
  14. How are all you lovely ladies doing???? im nearly 8 weeks post op yay! feeling fantastic! best thing i ever done, hey does any of you ladies know when you can start wearing underwires again???? i tried calling my PS office yesterday but kept getting voicemail... just thought maybe someone would know lol xxx
  15. Hey Meeks, Im with HIF and had a lift, reduction on left and implants and they covered it, i got 1k back from medicare and HIF paid my hospital stay and even the 1.5k cosmetic part of the op (my PS office said no insurer has ever paid this in her time there lol). i ended up claiming on item number for the reduction, PS office staff told me they used that one as I think you can only use the same item number once in your life, so i may need a lift at some stage again so at least that item number is still available for me, if that is true i have no idea haha.
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