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    Breast Augmentation - 345cc Anatomical Implants Under the Muscle
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    Dr Jake Lim - 4 December, 2015
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    168cm - 57kg - Pre Op-10B/12A - Post Op-Excited to find out :)

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  1. I'm 169cm 57kg at the time of my op and went with 345cc hp anatomical implants. (These were the biggest I could go) To be honest they're not massive or anything but I think they're in proportion with the rest of my body and if I was to have been able to go any bigger then I think I would feel restricted with a lot of things. I'm measuring a 10DD/E but probably look like a full C/ small D and I started out wearing a 10A/B
  2. I took one week off as well. I had my op on a Friday and by the following weekend I was out and about. I was still tender but was so sick of staying home. Although everyone is different, I think if your job isn't too strenuous you should be good with a week off .
  3. You should be able to call or email most surgeries and get a rough idea what price your looking at. I went with Dr Jake Lim in Sydney who is a PS that's been operating for years and he charges around $8,000 for round and $10,000 for anatomical which includes everything for the day, a post op bra and all follow up appointments. The price only doesn't include medication which was only about $35. Oh and I think it was $230 (not 100% sure) for the original consult fee but I did get $75 back from Medicare
  4. I'm in the exact same boat as you. I'm 14 weeks today and my left still feels tight and sits higher than the right. When I go to the gym, the left seems to be pretty sore afterwards. I'm just giving it time and hope for the best for it to catch up to the right. I think the muscles just need time to relax and it looks like our left sides are taking a bit longer. My left always felt like it was a week behind in healing from the beginning and as everyone says, think of it as two separate operations as they both will heal differently. I'm still getting aches here and there in both so I'm hoping this is normal too. Hopefully someone who experienced this that is further on than us can confirm it too.
  5. Thanks Alissa your more than welcome if you want any more info or anything, let me know.
  6. I have 345cc anatomicals. I'm 12 weeks post op and love them. I think they're very proportionate to my body. I'm 58kgs and 169cm tall. Here's a pic they're finally starting to even up although I started with assymetry with one side being 1.5cm lower than the other. Heres a pic without anything and in clothes
  7. I'm 8 and a half weeks and I'm still getting pains so its very normal. I had barely any pain in my right breast and in recent days all of the pain is now in this breast. I've been doing a lot more so the pain could be associated with that as well as I feel that they are still moving closer together and stretching as I didn't have much underneath my breasts, so plenty of stretching going on there. Just like you, I have my left breast sitting higher and feels smaller than my right which was like that to begin with but I'm hoping that they even up a bit more. I think patience is the key even though I'm getting pretty impatient and wanting them to look exactly the same and have no pain lol.
  8. I went with Dr Jake Lim as well in the beginning of December and I love my results so far! He is very down to earth in my opinion and gives you realistic expectations. I know there's still a lot of changes to come but I am very happy with my results thus far. I have another follow up appointment this afternoon so I'm looking forward to seeing what he has to say about my progress so far
  9. I went with Dr Lim late last year and I'm so happy that I did. Although he is the only PS I had a consult with, I knew straight away that I wanted to go with him. He explained everything in depth as to why I would need anatomical implants and what size would be best for me but at the same time he didn't push his suggestions and made the final decision up to me. Of course I went with what he said because I knew he knew what he was doing. The process was smooth and great and my sister is already looking at doing hers through him later this year as she loves how mine are.
  10. Hi Pat.K Glad to hear your having a great recovery! For me this was normal, I felt amazing around the same time as you but if I did too much I would get really tired and a headache and then I would pay for it!! My breasts would ache for a day or two and then I would be back to feeling good. This happened up until about mid last week (4 and a half weeks post op). Just keep taking it easy and you'll be feeling back to yourself all the time in no time
  11. I'm sure you will end up with a D I got 345cc hp anatomical implants and at 4 weeks I'm measuring a 10DD/12D :)
  12. Thanks Smacc What size are you looking at getting?
  13. Thanks, seeing someone else whose looks similar to mine and having seen your surgeon to clarify what it is definitely puts my mind at ease. I was starting to freak out a little bit there lol. Thanks yeh it does make sense. I've read that they go away by themselves so hopefully if the long one is a mondors chord it goes away by itself soon. That's no good to hear hopefully it is clearing up for you!
  14. So I'm just over 4 weeks post op and noticed a few sharp pains that feel like nerves when I move in certain ways. The other day I lifted my arms and felt underneath my incisions and noticed them to be quite bumby. When I'm standing upright they seem to be smooth. Is this mondors cord?
  15. First time wearing a cossie 4 weeks post op
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