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  1. Hi Gals! This forum was my go to for everything when I was getting my boobies done. Now wanting to get some filler under my eyes to help with dark circles. Does anyone have any recommendations or tips? I travel a lot for work so can do Melbourne or Sydney! Super nervous but very excited at the same time, the results look amazing
  2. Hey gals! I used to be an oxyshred fan but swapped over to optiburn by platinum labs and have never looked back. It also has a light diuretic so you don't hold water and African mango and CLA as well as everything oxyshred has. A few of our clients have used this along with green tea x50 (chocolate mixed with hot water is the absolute best) and have lost between 3-6kg in a month for most of them it was those last few stubborn kgs that are the hardest to lose. I get the tingles so bad with c4 - I have to have a quarter of a scoop to be able to handle it! My face gets so itchy haha! But I've f
  3. definitely download uber and use it whilst you there - cheaper than a taxi and WELL worth it. Stay as close as you can - everyone is different but I could barely walk to my room afterwards I was really cold and shaky! Could you maybe look at one of those nurse/overnight stays? I know TCI can arrange for this to happen and its only $180 or something?
  4. Could you drive there in a hire car and fly home?? There are sometimes great relocation car specials. I had an endone the second I jumped on the plane and slept my 3 hour flight home. Was definitely glad to be getting out of my seat! 13 hour train wouldnt be bad if you had someone else and reclining seats - if its more like a regional coach (the ghan) i would have been fine!
  5. was just about to say horse shoe!! was a lifesaver for me!! an endone before bed completely knocked me out hahaha Another girl mentioned a bean bag - I SO would have bought one but we were away from home
  6. And they service your room every day!
  7. Quest was $160 a night when we stayed there - best location close to Westfield and coles!
  8. I think the most important thing is that everyone is different. I went for a small walk to the supermarket with my boyfriend in the afternoon after surgery - it took me a long time to get there but definitely made me sleep better and gave me a bit of an appetite as well. Pre op - Make sure you stock up on food that you like when you're sick. I couldn't stand the thought of anything except for dry biscuits, ginger snaps and lemonade. Purchase a headband - I couldn't do my hair in a ponytail for a week afterwards and even though my lovely boyfriend tried, he wasn't the best hair stylist - he
  9. Hi guys! I was the same and so stressed about having surgery with dr Nguyen as I hadn't read any reviews or seen many photos with him especially compared to other doctors. I had my consult on the 16th of March and surgery on the 17th he was so lovely and friendly and took such good care of me. He let me try the sizers on a trillion times even before surgery the next day as I was still having doubts. I went 415 and 450 hp under the muscle to correct asymmetry I didn't even know was there! So glad I did though because they look normal and perfect now (as perfect as a one week post op frankenb
  10. Thank you so much Tyelco, I was trying to choose between the silicon gel or silicon tape for scars I've read mixed reviews about both. Incisions are lot better today .. Slept nearly all day yesterday so that might be why
  11. All I ate for the first few days after surgery was cups of sultana bran! Worked so well, no Metamucil needed! Girls who have already had surgery, I'm day eight today - had my dressings changed to just steristrips yesterday and my incisions so so sore today - weren't sore before they were changed ! Anyone else with this issue?
  12. Just found this thread!! I had my surgery on the 17th of March at TCI with Dr Ngyuen So excited for all of you! Only thing I experienced that I've never read on a forum before is the worst eyes after surgery - it felt like they'd put sand under there - it has something to do with the oxygen irritating it. My OH Went to the chemist and got drops for extra dry eyes which helped a little but still horribly sore for three days. If you have sensitive eyes maybe bring some drops with you and ask the anethetist to put them in for you during surgery. Love my boobs though! Just waiting for them
  13. Nearly the same Kora!! How are you finding pain?? My incisions are burning today everything else is starting to settle so I am feeling pretty lucky already! Haha it's crazy looking down at these huge boobs. My boyfriend keeps commenting on how giant they are, I keep reminding him they are swollen but I think he's still freaking out! Natty29 I'm not sure if they have moderate plus, they didn't when I was choosing. Dr Nguyen told me that both of them would suit my frame it was just dependent on my personal preference and personality, whether I wanted to be able to hide the fact I had them.
  14. Thanks!! Pretty sore but have been able to go for short walks each day! We went to the movies twice yesterday (day one after surgery) I just made sure I brought an extra jumper to roll behind my back and tried to get in a comfortable postition.was worth every second to see the first screening of insurgent!! Flew home today, turbulence was pretty rough so that hurt a lot but back in my own bed now which is the best feeling. My incisions are burning like crazy today so I've loosened my compression bra to the looser hooks which has helped a little. Still lots of painkillers and nausea but f
  15. Hi girls!! Had my surgery this morning, and after lots of umming and ahhing decided to go with 450hp in my smaller breast and 415 in the other both high profile!! I didn't even notice one of my boobs was smaller before surgery but they look really even at the moment I was so worried about using high profile but looking at them even though it's just the top I am so glad I did, they are pretty sore at the moment - keeping up the pain killers but they are still achy. One is quite swollen near the crease in my armpit and hard as well but this was the bigger implant and I'm sure it will se
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