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    Somnio 13th Dec 2016
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  1. Hi @Julesxr6, I had a BL and BA with him and am very happy. Please feel free to FR me and I have pics you can check out. I'm only 4 weeks post op, but the couple of things (incisions/stitches popping - which I fully think is normal, as well as me probably over doing it) we're responded to immediately His staff were amazing and any time I emailed him, he responded either within minutes or within a couple of hours. Good luck, it's a big decision. ?
  2. Ladies, hi!! Bought some bonds underwear today and must say, I'm so used to my nanny compression bra, the bonds were a pleasant surprise to me. I felt like, 'yay, I have hot boobs!' Kind of moment. So even with my littles holes to heal from the BL and BA I'm feeling just that bit more womanly and sexy so yay ? Here's hoping you are all too!!
  3. Thanks ladies!!! Appreciate the feedback and positive vibes.
  4. Thanks @Boobieminus ? Love a good before and after. They look great!!
  5. @Maddi101 such a change in 2 weeks. Looks great. I'm a bit bummed ?. Got all my glue off at 3 weeks and started on my tape. Did notice a bit of weeping and mentioned it with a photo to my ps on the 3 week mark. He was awesome responded to my email in 2 mins. I've got a little hole at the bottom of one areole from my lift incisions. Treating it with betadine etc, seems to going along nicely. But boo, today the incision under the crease - same boob - had been a little stingy and when I took the tape off it, another hole that needs healing. ? Just having a poor me moment. Time will he
  6. Boo ? Another spot, same boob, right under the crease was sore and took tape off and there was another little hole and blood came out. Also the yellow, clearish fluid (sorry TMI) on the tape. Have sent pics to ps. Bit bummed. ?
  7. Hi ladies. I was really hoping to get back to the gym this week and burn of some holiday slackness, as well as a general overall not having done a lot since surgery slackness; however I found a little wound/hole/split stitch at the join of my aerola in my lift. Contacted my surgeon and searched similar topics on here and am following the betadine, dry with hair dryer and cover with band aid. But, boo, am bummed ? going to have to wait longer to get a proper sweat ? on. Others whom had similar, approx how long did you take to heal and for you to get back to normal routine? My surgeo
  8. Following. ? I'm also 3 weeks and I think I'm feeling more some days than not.
  9. Have had a bash at this whole pic editing - sheesh. Did learn something new before 2016 ended though! ? I took an end of year pic so I can look back next NYE and see the difference. Happy new year, enjoy 2017 with your new assets ?
  10. I loving your last quote @Geripix "sometimes I have boob greed..." ???? In photos the girls are looking ok, especially compared to my starting point ...
  11. @Geripix I had my surgery on dec 13th.recovery has been good, still feel very swollen, has soften from day 1, but the every morning feeling like you're engorged again similar to breastfeeding is still a strange feeling. My ps used glue to hold the incisions together for the first 3 weeks, its starting to come off, so I'm hoping for much nicer looking scar areas when it's all off, as it was applied in surgery, so all the yuck and gunk is glued in place on top of the incisions. Much stranger shape until it all settles, not immediate spunky boobies for me just yet. Lucky I'm a patient
  12. Ladies, was there anyone else in our crew who also had BL and BA? I though @Geripix was, but re read and saw you went with the BA, each look amazing btw. Just wanted to see if someone else was one the same surgery timeline as I am?
  13. @anna6 they look amazing. It's nice to see with the BA how the results are amazingly immediately. As a BL and BA I'll happily play the waiting game until mine get past their current ugly phase to amazing. Glad to hear most ladies are healing well. I must say I have been very pleasantly surprised and how much of the healing process is really a non event, life just goes on without too many changes.
  14. @Annie Les my compression bra was also on when I woke. I also was bandaged under it. Bandages came off at 3 days, but bra is on for 6 weeks. I have also know people whose compression wasn't on immediately, more around the 6 day mark, but like the others I'd just query your surgeon as to their own method. ☺
  15. @Maddi101 my neck pillow thing and wheat pack are the best thing since sliced bread. My first night I didn't sleep so well as my lower back was aching from the sitting up position. Wheat pack fixed that right up as does the neck pillow to stop you head lolling around.
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