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  1. Thanks so much for the info! Very helpful I'll get onto cosmeditours, the deals you've mentioned that they have on their website sound really good! I'll get onto that Facebook forum too, I'll have a look for it now. I'm so glad I asked this question because all responses have been very helpful!
  2. That's great Hayleyworrall! Have you booked it all direct through PIAC?
  3. CandiceNeedsBoobs are you going through an agency or doing it yourself? Have you picked a surgeon yet? That sounds like a great package price!
  4. Thats alot Considering some ofb the deals I was quoted with other agencies. What agency are you with if you dont mind me asking? Im with cosmeditour and they do package deals so im able to get accommodation aswell. But mine is also at PIAC, not sure if different hospitals may charge Different though
  5. Yep, that was more what I was thinking and expecting...
  6. It only includes surgery and hospital costs.
  7. Quote came through an agency and is with Dr Montien.
  8. OOh gosh I make myself laugh - sorry my phone auto corrects everything and comes up with the wrong words all the time - it's SO annoying and I hit send before I had a chance to proof read
  9. Thanks Sarah, just a BA with no lift. My recommendation states either round or tear drop with with implants placed either in the breast fold crease and under the muscle, or on a dual plane (I feel like I have to many options here haha). Size between 300cc - 350cc Smooth gel round implants $5900 aud. CPG implants $7090 aud.
  10. Hello! I've had a few quotes come in at 6K and 8K which I thought seemed a bit high, although I might of had an unrealistic idea of how much breast implants in Thailand cost. My quotes are from The Bumrungrad and include the usual 1 night stay, fees, meds, etc. Is anyone willing to share a ball park figure on how much their BA cost and where?
  11. I loved the Burasari when I was there last, it's literally a few streets, or a short walk from all the main action and the beach is at the end if the street. It feels like A smaller/Boutique resort and I think because of that it might feel a bit more comfortable and homey - if that makes sense. The bar/lounge and restaurant are great. I'd be happy to stay here on my own. I've also stayed at the Novotel in Patong and it was amazing, upmarket and very comfortable, staff are very attentive and helpful, and the restaurants - oh my gosh - outstanding! I'd stay at either of these depending on what I was prepared to spend. For some r&r look at Karon, it's only a shirt drive from Patong.
  12. There are definitely options other than Thai food, the most popular being Italian. English is widely spoken by locals in the main tourist areas. You can catch tuk tuks (taxi) everywhere and for going to and from your appointments and the hospital I thought the hospital or agency supplied transfers, if not then just organize a private car through your resort, they will drop you off and wait for you to drive you back.
  13. Where are you staying?
  14. April is my favorite time to visit Phuket and it's off peak do you'll get pay/stay deals and the weather is perfect. I've been in November & December, it was rainy and overcast, accommodation was very expensive compared to April.
  15. Hello All - I've asked a few questions on this forum of late and am really thankful for all the responses. I've posted a similar question to this previously, however, the actual title/question was a little indirect so I thought this time I'd just ask the question straight out and hope that I can connect with someone who has low platelets and can share their story with me.... Thanks
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