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    Breast Augmentation
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    Associate Professor Mark Ashton.. Monday 19th November 2012!!
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    165cms /48kgs / B-C cup size

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  1. I remember when this forum was supportive and everybody was so kind and friendly.. Although it seems now that certain woman on here have nothing better to do then cause trouble.. Put people down and ***** like there's no tomorrow! Go back to high school or at least get a new hobby! Ps well said foxy and tango!
  2. Hahaha foxy!!! I don't think I look anywhere near this porn star so Donatella you'd be disappointed with mine lol
  3. Thinking of you hunny!! Chin up and positive thoughts.. You deserve a million times better then this treatment! Unfortunately for some males insecurities and jealous just get the better of them! Sending my love! Xxxxx
  4. Yay this is so exciting!! Like the other girls suggested, for your type of work I would say that somewhere on the outer city suburbs would be perfect for you! Can be expensive but if you shop around I'm sure you'll find something perfect! Xx
  5. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! How bloody exciting is it!! Makes it feel so much more real Not long now bebeeeeee xx
  6. So so sorry to hear about your terrible previous experience!! But you can relax because you are in amazing hands! Mark too was my surgeon and there isn't a single thing I would change! He really is an amazing surgeon, who like The Fox mentioned is a reconstructive breast surgery expert!! Good luck for Wednesday and cannot wait to hear about your experience! Xxx
  7. Haha I love this post!!! Good luck with it Can't wait to read the good, bad and ugly messages you receive!!
  8. Hahaha that was a classic Nicnac and your little boy was in a big boob trance lol
  9. Sop I'm thinking lets also get drunk this time.. Yeowwwww
  10. Lets decide on a date and then we can let anyone who wants to join know I'm excited to see all the fresh racks!! Haha
  11. I totally am doing it at the moment!! It's awesome fun and great fitness and boobies are fine
  12. Hmm I'd say that it's your wisdoms that are making your teeth move.. Should probably see a dentist about them and whether or not you need them removed I had all 4 of mine out last year and lucky I did because they had moved my lower teeth
  13. Have you had your wisdom teeth out?
  14. As if you need them you crazy stunning woman!!!!
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