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    Breast augmentation. 1st surgery 20th of April 2015with 315cc anatomical Brazilian implants. Replaced May 23rd 2016 with smooth round 415 XHP allergan
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    1st surgery: Dr Harwood 20th April 2015 second surgery:
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    163cm 54kg, 315 HP tear drop Brazilian duel plane placement
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  1. Cornflakegirl21

    Surgery booked for February 21st

    So I am one week post op today, I’ve been pretty down the past few days. I’ve seen big improvements but I am feeling like they are too big on my frame and will just bottom out again! my surgeon advised me against going for a smaller implant because I would have excess skin due to the stretching from the bottoming out.
  2. Cornflakegirl21

    Surgery booked for February 21st

    Yeah I don’t know, my partner said they had me in and out really quick!
  3. Cornflakegirl21

    Surgery booked for February 21st

    Hi! I know my partner and I were really confused about the pen marks and betadine, that didn’t happen the last time. Im worried they may have rushed me a bit, I kept the same implant from the last surgery so they are 415cc smooth round XHP
  4. Cornflakegirl21

    Surgery yesterday

    Hi everyone I have just updated my surgery story in the 2019 group if anyone is interested 😊
  5. Cornflakegirl21

    Surgery booked for February 21st

    So I had my surgery yesterday! it was a very stressful morning as my partner accidentally took me to the wrong hospital! So I was about 45 minutes late, then when I got to the front desk I had to pay the fee on arrival which was quoted to be $2400 for a day case for bi lateral remove and replace (I don’t have PHI) but the hospital had $2900 on my paper work! Originally I was doing an overnight stay but changed at last consult and my quote should have been adjusted. Not to mention I received the wrong quotes from the surgery clinic 3 times and had to pester them every time. Anyway the admin women at the hospital was absolutely horrible and so rude! I was nearly in tears especially as I was already stressed for arriving late, she did end up charging me the $2400, I apologised for the inconvenience to her but that was my quote! She just stopped speaking to me and rolled her eyes at the nurse who was taking to get my undressed. Honestly if I didn’t really like my surgeon I would have gone to another surgery clinic in Brisbane just because of the difficulties I’ve had with the reception staff, not replying to emails and just being generally unhelpful. Anyway after that incident the rest of the staff at the hospital were absolutely lovely and I had a great experience. I saw my surgeon before I went under, he drew on my and explained everything he was going to do so I felt really confident going in. He ended up doing deep rib sutures and tightening up my pocket as the implants were already under the muscle. I was in a fair bit of pain when I woke up but feeling a lot better today. I was super emotional yesterday when I got home, partly due to the GA and women being rude and just feeling stressed I will get more complications. I see my surgeon next week for a post op appointment. I am trying to stay really stil and wearing my post op bra 24/7. Praying this holds up!
  6. Cornflakegirl21

    Surgery booked for February 21st

    My surgeon is Dr Theo Birch who is not my original surgeon, my original one was cosmetic. No he did mention it but doesn’t feel that would make too much of a difference and I would prefer smooth over textured.
  7. Cornflakegirl21

    Surgery booked for February 21st

    My revision is booked for February 21st, my implants bottomed out quite badly about 12 months ago and finally having them fixed. my surgeon is going to move my implants completely sub muscular and do deep rib stitching to position them higher and closer together. He is keeping the same implants which are 415cc XHP smooth Natrelle. the date is coming up very soon so starting to feel pretty nervous! praying they hold up!
  8. Cornflakegirl21

    New boobs take 2

    Thanks Stemchicky! I’m doing ok, just up and down haha. Can’t wait to get this revision done and hopefully resolve the issue! it doesn’t help having a very unsupportive partner
  9. Cornflakegirl21

    New boobs take 2

    Totally agree stemchicky before I had my first surgery I never worried about getting complications as I never heard about this happening to people ! Now I realise it’s a lot more common, it’s taken such a toll on me emotionally and financially
  10. Cornflakegirl21

    Did you have to stop taking birth control before surgery?

    Thank you! I am on Dianne which I know is more prone to causing blood clots than other pills, I think I might come off it just in case
  11. Cornflakegirl21

    Experience with bottoming out revision?

    Thank you! I am trying to be positive about my next surgery, fingers crossed! Thanks Fox, I really liked him at the consult, he was very informative and I preferred him over Dr Phil Richardson, it’s just been hard to get much feed back on him especially for revisions. He wants to keep the same implant but move my pocket higher and place them completely behind the muscle (he believes they are either duel plane or overs currently) and stitching the skin to my ribs. He said it’s unlikely it will happen again but I am still concerned. I have asked the practice to send me some before and after a as I forgot to ask at the consult and I also want to know their revision policy.
  12. Cornflakegirl21

    New boobs take 2

    Thanks stemchicky, at my consult he said he is going to be using the same implants but placing them completely behind the muscle (he believes they are either over the muscle or duel plane at the moment) and stitching them in place. I am happy with the size I have but if it means less risks of further complications I would go smaller so I will bring that up with him at my second consult and see what he says. thanks for your support, it’s been super stressful and such a strain financially.
  13. Cornflakegirl21

    New boobs take 2

    Yes I think you can see my post history on my profile? basically my I wasn’t happy with my first implants as I didn’t like the type of implant I had, they were very firm and unnatural so I had a an exchange to a smooth implant which has bottomed out quite badly! fingers crossed all goes well with my next surgery, I have so much anxiety something else will go wrong. Have considered just having them removed to be honest.
  14. Cornflakegirl21

    New boobs take 2

    Sorry this has happened to you! I know how you feel, I had my original implants in 2015 and am about to have my THIRD revision due to complications! its caused me so much stress I just want them fixed so I can forget about them! whens your surgery date? Hope everything works out for you!
  15. Hi, I am finally booked in to have my bottomed our implants fixed, I am seeing Dr Theo Birch here on the Sunshine Coast in February. Has anyone else had experience with bottoming out repair? Also any info on Dr Birch? I have had a hard time finding much on him, he was very professional at my consult though and is well qualified. I am super nervous about it !