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    Cornflakegirl21 got a reaction from Kaleidoscope_Eyes in Take 3   
    Thanks @Kaleidoscope_Eyes you are totally right I think I will be get used to them I might just be going through an adjustment period after my last surgery because I actually loved the size before then! That model is goals for sure 
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    Cornflakegirl21 reacted to Kaleidoscope_Eyes in Take 3   
    So I had my initial BA in 2016 and had 350cc subfascial. I was initially really happy and thought they looked great. Over time I began to feel they were too big for my frame and in particular, had too much upper pole fullness. In hindsight, I just hadn't mentally adjusted to having boobs. I'd always been very tall and skinny with A-cups and now I was noticing other women checking my boobs out!
    So... in 2018, I downsized to 275cc mod+. This doesn't sound like a big drop but it was pretty significant on my build. I'd dropped 1.2cm in projection, which meant they disappeared in clothes. I really looked like I hadn't had anything done! For the first month or 2, I thought this was great. However, the shape was affected a bit as I'd been larger and my nipples sat a little lower on my chest. They just looked flatter and even slightly droopy. I by no means needed a lift but they didn't look as perky as before. I thought that by downsizing I'd be able to push them up and play them up with padded bras, which I could. But they didn't look as good as I'd pictured. The shape just wasn't as good and I didn't really like how they looked in push-ups at all. ? Looking back at photos of my 350s, I realised what everybody else had tried to tell me the whole time. They were not too big at all and they looked much better in clothes and dresses than my current 275s. Ughhhh. It's amazing how much your own mind can mess with you because I honestly believed I looked huge with the 350s and that wasn't the case at all. ?
    So I decided to go for another consult at the end of last year and see if I could return to my previous size. The surgeon noticed I had some pretty significant rippling in my cleavage and we decided to go below the muscle (dual plane) this time around. He's since changed to motiva implants due to the concerns surrounding certain implants and ALCL. So we decided on 375cc full profile, which is basically the same dimensions as my previous implants just slightly more volume. 
    I had my surgery today and everything went well. I'm now typing this because it's 3am and I can't sleep. ? I feel very tight in the chest this time around given my previous implants were overs. ? The nurse said they look a lot better than the 275s did in terms of shape and the muscle coverage has created a nicer slope. I really hope I'm happy with the overall outcome and there is no more surgery in the near future. I think my fiance' would kill me! ? I'll keep you updated. 
    PS. These damn drains are a pain in the butt! 
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    Cornflakegirl21 got a reaction from lindyloo03 in Finally considering a revision - Brisbane Plastic surgeons?   
    i had revision for bottomed out implants with Dr Theo Birch on the Sunshine Coast and he’s done a great job. I live on the coast and really wanted to have my surgery done here but I also consulted with Dr Phil Richardson in Brisbane who I know has a great reputation and was very knowledgeable. I personally preferred Dr Birch overall. 
    Good luck with your revision! I know how stressful it can be X
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    Cornflakegirl21 reacted to sabP in Surgery booked for February 21st   
    Sorry to hear you had so much trouble hun, I hope it all settles down now and they are perfect for you xoxo
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    Cornflakegirl21 got a reaction from I HaveBoobs in Surgery booked for February 21st   
    So I had my surgery yesterday!
    it was a very stressful morning as my partner accidentally took me to the wrong hospital! So I was about 45 minutes late, then when I got to the front desk I had to pay the fee on arrival which was quoted to be $2400 for a day case for bi lateral remove and replace (I don’t have PHI) but the hospital had $2900 on my paper work! Originally I was doing an overnight stay but changed at last consult and my quote should have been adjusted. Not to mention I received the wrong quotes from the surgery clinic 3 times and had to pester them every time. 
    Anyway the admin women at the hospital was absolutely horrible and so rude! I was nearly in tears especially as I was already stressed for arriving late, she did end up charging me the $2400, I apologised for the inconvenience to her but that was my quote! She just stopped speaking to me and rolled her eyes at the nurse who was taking to get my undressed. 
    Honestly if I didn’t really like my surgeon I would have gone to another surgery clinic in Brisbane just because of the difficulties I’ve had with the reception staff, not replying to emails and just being generally unhelpful. 
    Anyway after that incident the rest of the staff at the hospital were absolutely lovely and I had a great experience. I saw my surgeon before I went under, he drew on my and explained everything he was going to do so I felt really confident going in. 
    He ended up doing deep rib sutures and tightening up my pocket as the implants were already under the muscle. I was in a fair bit of pain when I woke up but feeling a lot better today. I was super emotional yesterday when I got home, partly due to the GA and women being rude and just feeling stressed I will get more complications. 
    I see my surgeon next week for a post op appointment. I am trying to stay really stil and wearing my post op bra 24/7. Praying this holds up!

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    Cornflakegirl21 got a reaction from I HaveBoobs in Surgery yesterday   
    Hi everyone I have just updated my surgery story in the 2019 group if anyone is interested ?
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    Cornflakegirl21 reacted to Copperhead in Was it worth it?   
    Quoting myself to show how even your own opinions change over time.  I'm now 31 (32 this year) and I'm currently researching getting them removed.  Not because anything is wrong with them, just that I have outgrown them since I got them when I was 25-26 years old.  Contemplating complete removal vs getting much small implants put in.
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    Cornflakegirl21 reacted to donatella in Sooooo.... Revision.... Again   
    I would seriously question the integrity of any surgeon who re-operated on you in such short time given the history of your complaints of being too big, now too small.  Please spend the money on a good mental health plan and work out what is really bothering you before putting your body through another surgery. 
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    Cornflakegirl21 got a reaction from JD* in Did you have to stop taking birth control before surgery?   
    Thank you!
    I am on Dianne which I know is more prone to causing blood clots than other pills, I think I might come off it just in case 
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    Cornflakegirl21 got a reaction from pink butterfly in Experience with bottoming out revision?   
    Thank you! I am trying to be positive about my next surgery, fingers crossed!
    Thanks Fox, I really liked him at the consult, he was very informative and I preferred him over Dr Phil Richardson, it’s just been hard to get much feed back on him especially for revisions. 
    He wants to keep the same implant but move my pocket higher and place them completely behind the muscle (he believes they are either duel plane or overs currently) and stitching the skin to my ribs. 
    He said it’s unlikely it will happen again but I am still concerned.
    I have asked the practice to send me some before and after a as I forgot to ask at the consult and I also want to know their revision policy.
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    Cornflakegirl21 reacted to ayesha79 in Surgeon recommendations to correct bottoming out? (Sunshine Coast/brisbane area)   
    How disappointing for you. I'm not sure who would be the best but I wish you luck finding an excellent ps. 
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    Cornflakegirl21 reacted to doOVER in If I knew then what i know now   
    I flew interstate to have my breast implants done with the self proclaimed "breast master" in Bondi Sydney. If I knew then what I know now I would have stayed put and had my surgery here.
    I feel like a complete fool that I got sucked into the marketing gimmicks of perfect boobs pictures thinking that is what I would end up with.
    I have one implant that is sitting way to high, so high under my collar bone that my bra is completely not filled out down the bottom in the cup. I cant wear tight tops as you can clearly see the that my implants are wonky. The worst thing after spending all this money on my implants is that he completely dismissed me and my results and refused to do revision surgery unless I pay. Like I would let him anywhere near me again let alone pay for the privilege.
    I am now booked in with a local plastic surgeon for my revision surgery. My pocket is apparently too small for the implant that I have and the muscle needs to be released in order for the implant to drop to the right position. so much for custom dual plane pft

    If there is one piece of advice I have for anyone thinking about surgery is dont believe everything you read online. These surgeons clearly have lots of money and silence the unhappy people. I should have been more thorough in my research, this isnt the first time he has refused to treat someone who is supposed to be under his care.
    Dont get sucked in by glitzy instaporn images of girls in bikini tops as this is so not real life. Anyone can look good in a bra or bikini (except me apparently).
    Please make sure you and your surgeon know who is footing the bill if you need revision surgery and better yet get it in writing. My surgeon was all nice and sweet until he got my money.
    Tomorrow is my big day. I am looking forward to finally having the boobs that I have always dreamed of.
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    Cornflakegirl21 got a reaction from D e in Worried I'm bottoming out? (Pic)   
    Not yet, my appointment is about 2 weeks away but I'll update after I talk with him!
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    Cornflakegirl21 got a reaction from Findyourselfagain in 415CC ladies   
    I've got 415cc XHP starting with pretty much nothing, I'm an 8-10E in bras but they truly don't look like an E, more like a large C-D? I think it's very different for each person, I have seen girls with smaller implants look a lot bigger than mine, it really depends on the individual.
    But the more mine have dropped and fluffed the more I love them, they seem to look a little bigger too as they are not so high and tight. I'm sure you'll be very happy with time  
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    Cornflakegirl21 got a reaction from ARKlove in Opinions on my lips?   
    So it would about 1 ml because I had 2x 1/2 Mls. I know after the first one it was quite subtle but I noticed a big difference after the second one!
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    Cornflakegirl21 reacted to imperfectly_lou in Excercise and filler?   
    I'm not sure if I have noticed it as much with my fillers, but I definitely get less longevity with my Botox when I've been exercising more than usual....
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    Cornflakegirl21 got a reaction from jezebelle in Opinions on my lips?   
    Laser Clinics at the Sunshine plaza Maroochydore ? Thank you!
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    Cornflakegirl21 reacted to pink butterfly in Opinions on my lips?   
    They look gorgeous! I wouldn't add more to them.
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    Cornflakegirl21 reacted to ARKlove in Opinions on my lips?   
    Wow they look great! So this is basically 1/2 a ml? I read people that say 1ml doesn't make much difference. This is a huge difference:) 
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    Cornflakegirl21 got a reaction from Honeycakes in breast Tissue vs blank palette question   
    I think they look amazing ! They suit your frame perfectly!
    My stats are similar to yours, I started off with an a cup and asked to be a D which my surgeon achieved with 315cc implants but unfortunately boob greed got the best of me and I ended up upsizing to 415!
    But if you only want to end up in the C to D cup range I think you'll be really happy with your results ?
    Best of luck!
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    Cornflakegirl21 got a reaction from Dominique in Opinions on my lips?   
    Sorry! Here is me with no makeup 
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    Cornflakegirl21 got a reaction from Kaleidoscope_Eyes in Opinions on my lips?   
    Yep, thanks guys I will leave it for now. I feel like since I've had the 2nd ml it has lasted a bit longer. When I got the first one it seemed to fade so fast! I also workout with fairly high intensity cardio and weights 5x a week and I have been told it doesn't last as long if you workout a lot 
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    Cornflakegirl21 reacted to Kaleidoscope_Eyes in Opinions on my lips?   
    Yeah, they look great! Don't add any more! You'll look fake.  Leave perfect alone.
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    Cornflakegirl21 reacted to Bellaaa in Opinions on my lips?   
    It's a very nice difference, if you don't want too much you should leave it, It depends what your after, either way if you have temporary you will have to go back sometime to get another ml because it will eventually dissolve. I have 4mls and they don't look fish or fake lol you can't tell unless you knew me before hand, might go and get my 5th ml because my swelling has just gone done now and there's not even that much of a difference now ? The fuller the better but that's my opinion. 
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    Cornflakegirl21 reacted to Kaleidoscope_Eyes in Opinions on my lips?   
    I think they look great. I wouldn't get any more. I think you would start to get the 'fish look' if you went bigger. They look beautiful and plump now!
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