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  1. You have a distinct lack of information about what transgressed. I clutch at facts, looks like straws are your cup of tea
  2. So what good advice did you give her and did she follow it ? Your good advice does not seem to have worked. Is there a quality issue here ?
  3. I will spell it out for the simple FOLKS "Come on Jane shoot me out of the water.... " Reply "I don't have to , you have already done it yourself"
  4. Unfortunately you don;t have all the facts about the case or the patient or what happened. Yet you choose to make judgements and opinions without all of the important information. Is that short sightedness, ignorance, lack of education or just plain stupidity.
  5. Why don't you get educated before expressing your emotion ?
  6. None actually - zero zip nil lawsuits. Seroma management is a matter of opinion as to the best course of action. There is no perfect one way of dealing with this. No putting the most implants in does not make you the best surgeon, but people vote with their feet, and see the results of their friends etc. Why don't you add up the positive comments on your forum and then add up the negative and see what you come up with. If may present a more balanced view.
  7. and you are qualified to judge whether the complication was handled well or not handled well ? Well handled complications can have adverse outcomes. You have few facts on your forum and lots of emotion. As you have said proof is in the pudding. Dr **** does 300+ implants a year he is the busiest implant surgeon for Silimed in Australia. Nagor have ranked him as number 2 busiest in victoria after Mark Ashton. Proof in the pudding ?
  8. seems like a lot of posts on this forum are very positive about his work, all surgeons have complications. And what makes you qualified to judge a surgeons skill ?
  9. Ring Specialist Surgicentre Geelong 1300 654 456 they can verify the numbers. I was there. Say you are ringing from Device Technology the silimed implant supplier and trying to work out implants supplied and used and patient numbers, as implants return are not adding up. 3 on monday 16th and 6 on the 18th.
  10. Dr Fung did 9 sets of implants in Geelong last week. He needed a better set up to enable him to do 6 a day.
  11. Hi Why don't you try Dr Fung in Melbourne around 7k. He does many Adelaide girls and has his follow up done by Dr Robin Chok a cosmetic surgeon.
  12. Hi You try Dr Fung in Melbourne, but I think his prices have gone up to 6990. Great results. I think TCI do not do any revisions, and are now not doing tear drop. Have a look at the pictures on their website of their work. I don't think they look that great.
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