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  1. Can anyone recommend a good injector of lip fillers in Melb? Also decent/cheaper prices would be ideal I usually get 1ml in my lips but want to try 2. But it's very expensive and also want to get fillers in my face (under eye/cheeks/nasal lavial folds) if if you have photos of your face and fillers would love to see and the cost etc. thanks!
  2. Hey ladies, I'm looking for a really skilled injector in melbourne who does fillers/botox It's really hard to find somebody good! I wish our plastic surgeons and drs were as skilled as the ones in the states. Ive watched this youtube video and love this surgeons technique on how he does lip fillers! Any recommendations would be great, also pics if you have Cheers! Em
  3. Would also love to see before/afters of BA+BL and big size breasts
  4. Im a saggy 10g and I'm a size 6-8 and small so they aren't really proportionate and actually no volume on the top. Id like a lift and implants to get to a 10E (considering) also looking for amazing injectors for botox/fillers (esp in lips) in melbs thanks so much girls!
  5. Anyone good in melbourne for fillers? before/after pics? thanks
  6. Stomach/love handles smooth contour Photos/dr recommendations? Thanks
  7. Big full natural looking boobs?? Pic inspiration sites/models? Any boob inspiration sites or models? feel free to leave here
  8. Hi girls! I'm 24yo with saggy G cup breasts. It causes me back pain and bad posture. I'm also quite short and a size 6/8!! Anyone have BA+BL with dr Mark Ashton? What was your exp with scars, pain, nipple placement etc. Would love to see some before after pics (even if it wasn't done with dr mark ashton) I'm thinking of staying quite full as I've always had DD breasts and now they've sagged, needs to be lifted and filled. Thinking of going down to an E-F What are some good sites for boob inspiration pics? I like the big full natural look ... Any recommendation on models or anything would be much appreciated too! Thanks girls
  9. Can anyone recommend a good injector for lip fillers in melb? Would love to see pics as well thanks xx
  10. Can anyone recommend a good injector for lip fillers?
  11. Hi girls, I'm looking for a really good injector for lip fillers, cheeks and eye hollows. Also botox. Pics would be really much appreciated!
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