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  1. Hi ladies, I think ive missed this meet up but if your willing to share your results and reviews of Perth Plastic Surgeons (regarding breast augmentation) i would much appreciate it. Please friend me or pm me. Anything helps.
  2. Thanks to the ladies on here my decision has been swayed to stay in Perth to get my surgery. Only problem is i can't find enough results or reviews to make my mind up. Im also very new to this forum so any advise would help really as i have kept my wanting surgery a secret and havent got any advise on it at all though ive done all the research on what bad thing could happen but it all seems worth it to not feel like a boy anymore. So please ladies, let me know. Who was your doctor and was there a reason you chose that particular doctor, if any? Price? All inclusive? Hidden costs? Any problems? Worth it? Bigger, smaller or happy with your results?
  3. Ok ladies, ill take the advise to go with a plastic surgeon. I haven't been able to find many results from perth plastic surgeons on the internet or reviews. Thats why i came to this site. So same questions, reguarding perth surgeons... Who? Before and after pictures? Where? Price? Worth it? All inclusive price or extras? Enviroment? (Very new to this)
  4. Okkkkk, so. I currently live in perth, about 5'2 variate between 45-50kgs, im petite but with a wide rib cage. Currently a really deflated A cup and wanting atleast a large C-small D cup. I have been looking at everywhere, no consulations booked as yet because thet all seem so expensive compared to The Cosmetic Institute, Sydney. So what i want to know is if anyone has travelled from perth to them for a breast augmentation? Doctor chosen? All up cost including everything? Travel costs? Accomodation costs? Any hidden costs you didnt know about? Aftercare costs, if any?
  5. I'm worried as I've only seen their pictures on their website, I haven't been able to find any from patients on any other sites. I've heard many ladies rave about them, is there another forum with some reviews and pictures? Or could you ladies let me know some of your pros and cons about them? And are all on-going follow ups covered by the $5990?
  6. Thanks ladies, makes me feel better about my decision to go big. Did anyone react funny after you guys had your BA's?
  7. What is the difference between the two, ?
  8. Thanks, my partner wants me to go D cup.. I might have to buy some rice..
  9. Hi ladies, As a young teen I was pretty chubby with a C cup, I had my daughter at 17 and now at 18 I am only 47kgs and 5foot6 tall with pops of stretchy skin that don't fully fill an A cup. I want high profile, maybe a D cup. But will it be too big? Would I look funny? I don't want too small because, let me be honest I probably wont have the time or money to do this again anytime soon and I'm sick of being disappointed in myself when I look in the mirror as I've done everything to make myself look atleast my sort ok.. you ladies will get what I mean.. :/ Soo, how big would be too big? P.s. sorry its long. Xo
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