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  1. Well I've now been taking these for 4weeks and I can say I've definitely noticed a difference in my hair. Less hair fall and less hair in the brush. Even my partner has noticed that it hasn't been all over the floor . I usually have great skin so haven't noticed any difference there nor any unpleasant side effects. My nails grow very quickly but still chip off as i am a hairdresser and always have my hands in water so they will probably never change.. I'm very impressed with this product and i will keep using it. How are your results Donatella?
  2. There really isn't much difference in the two but I would ask myself would you be more disappointed if they were too small or too big? My friend got 400cc, similar stats to you and was an a before and now is huge
  3. Hi Donatella. I have just received my supply of biotin. Are you noticing any changes yet? Ive only been taking mine for 3 days so a little early for me to review yet I hope its working ×
  4. Hi jaide. Im 5 weeks post op and live in those lorna jane seamless bras. I wasn't required to wear a compression bra after surgery. So I wear them everyday for comfort. Id definitely say that if you are exercising you would need more support but as a wire free bra so comfy
  5. Please keep me updated I would love to know if it works. Hopefully without the side effects ☺
  6. I wore the kayser add 2 cup sizes to! I loved those bras! But I must say I was so happy to let them go
  7. Im 170cm and 58kg, was a 10b got 330ccs under round brazilians and 2 1/2 weeks post op measuring a 10dd 10e. Im sure they will shrink a tiny bit more but these bras a firm fitting now so think thats what size I will be once the swelling is gone. I wore two padded bras in to the consultation as I liked the way that size looked on me and felt comfortable throughout the day wearing them, and said this is what I want to look like. Achieved! Love the size and love that they aren't uncomfortably big goodluck
  8. Im going well too! Ive just put up my 2 week progress pics. Feeling great im glad everyone is happy with their results ☺
  9. Goodluck tomorrow herveybaymummy! I am soo excited for you cant wait to see your results !
  10. Another happy patient! Dr fleming is amazing! The only bruising I got was on my incision and I've had such a quick and easy recovery. Soo happy!
  11. Thanks for all the advice ladies. Im 1 week and 1 day post op and feeling great. Ive taken 4weeks off so im thinking I'll be fine. Ive been able to open doors,cut vegetables, have my hands over my head ever since the op so I dont think I'll have an issues blowdrying but will take it easy if I feel pain.
  12. Gosh kata your recovery sounds awful. I feel bad to say that every day I am noticing a huge improvement in how I feel. I havent had any pain meds for two days now. I only have tightness that causes me grief, but i really shouldn't complain its really not that bad. ..I cant wait to be able to sleep on my side though, hopefully in a couple more days. I have been going for walks every morning to get up and about and have been busy around the house. I have found having people around helps distract the mind of your pain especially if they dont know because you can't complain to them hahaha
  13. Has anyone had their porcelain veneers done in brisbane? Or recommend a place? Preferably around toowong area?
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