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  1. Hope all you girls have had a great start to the month of Boobies!! Very excited for you all . My journey has turned out a little different than I expected when I found out the day before I flew to Sydney (two days before surgery) that I am pregnant! Lol, not exactly the way I thought it was all going to go!! So I am crazy jealous of you girls and your lovely lady lumps but also pretty excited for whats to come with my totally different experience. Really didn't see that one coming, I think I almost fell off my chair when my GP told me. All the best girls, enjoy your boobies! xoxo
  2. I'm a bit worried I'll need mine done. I'm booked with TCI but not sure if they do this? I go for my consult next week so hopefully I can get it sorted then... I agree, I am nervous about double bubble too if I get mine done! Seems like a more complicated surgery... any TCI girls had this issue??
  3. Hi Girls, Just wondering if anyone has experienced having to get their crease lowered or if they were worried about having too much upper pole? I am getting concerned before my BA next week that I will end up with downward facing nipples if I go too big. Help! Anyone know anymore on this subject??
  4. Update for anyone who wanted to know as well, TCI allows hair extensions AND lash extensions if they are permanent. Yay!!
  5. From what I've found out they ask you to limit the medicines/vitamins/meds to avoid complications with any anesthetic or antibiotic that they give you. Just simplifies things for them. If you write a specific list of every normal (prescription) medication you take it will help them out immensely to know what is in your system. I agree, stay on your prescription meds, there is a reason you are on them. The pill I understand though as it won't do much other than messing with your cycle if you go off it. Anyone travelling interstate/overseas, how have you gone about your pillow fort? It seems to bulky to fly with a boomerang latex pillow lol, I have a travel pillow and blow up support chair but wanted to know if you girls had any good ideas!!
  6. As far as I am aware we need to remove acrylic nails or nail polish on the index fingers so that they can check that the blood is getting to all your limbs while you are out cold they do a "pressure test" by holding your nail to see the blood rush to it, so it needs to be off to do this for safety reasons I haven't read ANYTHING about hair extensions through TCI though so they may be ok? Just concerned I will get there on the day and be rejected for my surgery so wanted to check Pollypocket - Eyelash extensions would be ok in the way of safety, but if they tape your eyelids down for surgery, like they sometimes do, it may tear them off when removed? Not sure but I usually have eyelash extensions and am keeping them off until after surgery If you are after natural normal size boobies I think the 350cc for your height & weight would be perfect ... are you going under or over the muscle? I have heard if you go under you lose about 50cc of "look" any way so you might end up with your perfect look!
  7. Hi Girls! I am a Feb girl too yaaaay!! Booked in with Dr Tang 5th Feb, so less than one month now, very excited Travelling from Brisbane, 163cm tall 54kg and still deciding on size (open to suggestions!) I was thinking a D cup (385/400cc?) with moderate profile. I have finally booked everything, airfares, accom & hire car and my amazing bf is booked in as boob slave , think I am almost organized... Just wanted to know if anyone has asked about hair extensions at TCI? Has anyone got them, do you need to take them out for surgery? Really would prefer not to part with them as I know I will feel rotten as is after let alone with crappy hair haha, vain I know but meh Any help would be wonderful and pretty please add me to the roll call! Yeeeew!!
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