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  1. I only stayed in hospital overnight and left 20 hours after surgery . I had the drains for 8 days which made doing anything very difficult . Once the drains were out I was doing most things except hanging washing or picking up 18 month old . I work in an office so I was able to go back after a week . Bending down took about 10 days
  2. October will be here before you know it and the results will be well worth the weight . I am so glad I had my TT and cannot wait for summer
  3. That's dissapointing for your friend I hope she found someone that could help . I can only speak of my experience and am very happy with my results so far
  4. Dr Scott Turner , he has clinics in Sydney and also one I Newcastle . He is a lovely surgeon and has great after care
  5. I had a TT with lipo to love handles and upper tummy with no private insurance , I only stayed one night in hospital my costs were $13000 and then I got a Medicare rebate of around $1100
  6. I'm great been back at the gym since 4.5 weeks post op . I had to take it easy for the first couple of weeks I'm nearly back to weights pre tummy tuck . I still have a lot of swelling above the mons /pubic area but other then that feeling really good
  7. I had my TT 7 weeks ago after 7 babies 2 of which were c-section and it was so worth it .
  8. I think most stay a couple of days . I had my TT at 2pm and left the next morning at 10am I also had s four hour trip which wasn't to bad and would much rather recover at home instead of the hospital
  9. I had a tummy tuck just over 6 weeks ago in Newcastle my surgeon also has a Sydney office . The fees were as follows . Surgeon $7000. Anesthetist $1500 . Garment $140. Hospital $4240 no private health insurence . I only stated over night . I got around $1100 back from Medicare
  10. The gas man charges and hourly rate so the longer it takes the more he charges . I had a TT in Newcastle 5 weeks ago and my gas man cost $1500
  11. Im also 3 weeks post op and having the same sleeping issues . I go to bed around 11.30 really tired but am still wide awake at 2am . I'm going to try sleeping without the garment tonight and see if that makes a difference.
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