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  1. Natty do you mind if I ask what type of implants you have - your boobs are really nice.
  2. For those of you tossing up between teardrop and round - try researching the conical as it has a bit of both...
  3. I had my appointment with Dr Harwood yesterday. He made me feel very comfortable and after being rejected by TCI and Cosmeditours who only saw photos and advised that I would need a lift and my medical history is too tricky for them so it was great when Dr Harwood said he could help me and after taking my measurements he is happy with the amount and quality of my skin and said I would not need a lift. He suggested 325ml conical mod profile brazillian implants over the muscle. He also said that because I was having it done over the muscle I could be back at work in 3-4 days. He says he can remeasure on the day of surgery and will have 325ml and 375ml there but I think I will be happy with the 325ml Any of you ladies with similar size conical that I could FR to possible see some after pics? TIA
  4. Hi Donatella not sure if you are able to advise on this question. All my research and all the surgeons websites advise that everyone will sooner or later require more surgery. My question is, if there is nothing wrong with the implant is it necessary to have surgery? The reason I ask, as mentioned before, I am not doing this to get the big fake boob look (no offence to those of you who like that look but I don't feel its for me at my age). All I want is bigger boobs. Also I am not going to have a lift (even if it is recommended) again, I am not after the perky look just the size is my issue. So the brazillians have a lifetime guarantee which I am assuming is 15 years (? right) - but if there is no leaking or issues does that mean I can just continue to let them "age" normally? Are there perhaps any ladies on here who have had implants for more than 15 years and no problems? I am almost 42 so I am thinking would I want to put a 57 year old me through more surgery??
  5. 2 more sleeps then I will know what Dr Harwood will think is best for me and I will at least have a starting point! Super excited.
  6. I would also like to know - I don't have a bad credit history, I just have ALOT of credit
  7. Hey MissH That is quite an interesting point, I was wondering if having the implants above the muscle would help with a more lifted look for someone who may be borderline lift....
  8. I also need to do a loan for my boobies. My concern is that with the building of our house last year we took out some loans to pay for stuff and I have a couple of credit cards so wondering if Mac Credit is even going to give me a loan... I am probably doing it backward by seeing surgeons first and then trying to apply for a loan.... But I don't want to apply for a loan and then decide I am not going ahead. Does Mac Credit pay directly to the surgeon or to you?
  9. Good luck with your appointment today Delly - look forward to hearing your feedback. In the grand scheme of things, if he charges $370 for the two consults and $5900 for the BA you are still better off than the other average prices of around $9500. I suppose at the end of the day it is making a connection with a surgeon and feeling comfortable with them and trusting them - it shouldn't matter if they are cheaper or dearer....
  10. How exciting Stace418 I am so looking forward o my appointment with Dr Harwood next week... I am also thinking of seeing Dr Chen and Dr Fleming and will then make an informed decision based on what each of them have to say. But, I think I am pretty decided on not having the lift. To me, I do not want or need the perky / fake looking boobs - I am 41 and all I want is boobs to fill my bra LOL - had I had boobs they would have sagged too... The more natural I can look the better. Having the implant will also give me a lift to some extent... I just have to wait (im)patiently for my appointment and get the professional opinion...
  11. My main reason for not wanting to do the lift is the scarring and the idea of having my nipples cut.... This is why I am prepared to go BA only and hopefully have a more natural look. They cant be more saggy then they are now so as long as I actually have boobs I will be happy. Just my 2c worth
  12. So many options..... I have so far: Dr Harwood Dr Ces Dr Fleming Dr Chen
  13. Hi BeeeMeee, I am still in the research phase, its all so confusing... Trying to get the balance between good surgeon at a good price. Can I ask what Dr Fleming is charging for the BA? I have my consult with Dr Harwood on 06/02 but have also read a lot of good things about Dr Fleming
  14. I have spoken to Pearl at the Australia Cosmetic Clinic and was told the following: 1st Appointment $220 - can get $74 back from medicare if you get a GP referral 2nd app before surgery $150 3 follow up appointments after surgery are no charge - covered in price BA - $5,900 - payment plan $3800 upfront and $99/week for 22 weeks of $3,800 upfront and $41/week for 52 weeks Surgeon -Dr Rohit Jai Kumar - PS and CS I told Pearl I would call her back. I have an appointment with Dr Harwood on06/02 to get his professional opinion and then I am also considering using Dr Ces because of the amazing results that Amy E had. I would like to know if anyone else has been to see or used Dr Kumar? TIA
  15. Musy check the link she posted in her first reply then you can see her pics
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